How the Moon Juice Founder Spends $100 on Beauty Products

Moon Juice is known for its powerful potions, colorful packaging, and evocative product names: “Sex Dust,” “Holy Yoni,” and “SuperYou” to name a few. But what's less well known is that this kitschy-yet-potent brand was built from founder and CEO Amanda Chantal Bacon’s experience moving from unwellness to wellness. “It’s been a lifelong journey,” she says. “I have worked with an autoimmune condition since I was a teenager and had a lot of food allergies growing up.”

From traveling, reading, researching, and working with an Ayurvedic doctor, Bacon learned that beauty and health are a result of what you put inside of your body, not always on your body. This inspired her to develop a line that does exactly that. Since 2011, Bacon, through Moon Juice, has fused traditional remedies with innovative formulas to create unique, healing products. And if you take a look at her glowing complexion, you’ll understand why her products are favorites of celebs the likes of Shailene Woodley.

In the name of proving that true wellness doesn't have to cost a fortune, here's how Bacon would spend $100 on beauty products.

Here are Bacon’s go-to products for hair and skin.

Juice Beauty SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer, $32

“It’s been hard to find a mineral sunscreen that doesn’t give my skin a washed-out look,” says Bacon. “But my friend gave this one to me and I love it—it has a great tint to it.”

Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Mud Intensive Facial Care Bar, $8

“I found this in a health food store in the desert and have used it for years,” says Bacon. “I use it on my face and body and I love the feeling it leaves on my skin. It’s both mineralizing and non-stripping.”

Moon Juice Beauty Pearl, $48

“I mix our pearl powder with raw honey and use it as a face mask,” explains Bacon. “Mix together two tablespoons of raw honey and a teaspoon of pearl. It’s a brightening treatment so I put it on my face and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. I’ll also sleep in it overnight to really let it sink in—your skin eats it. Lastly, it’s antibacterial so I also use it when I have a breakout.”

Swissco Tortoise Wet Comb Wide Tooth, $10

“I have wavy hair—and a lot of it,” says Bacon. “This has been my go-to hair product for years. I just shampoo, condition, comb, and let it air dry."

For more on Moon Juice (you know you want it), check out their new schroom-powered skin-care line, and get to know all the brand's "dusts."

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