Healthy Versions of the Most Popular Pies for Thanksgiving, According to Google

Photo: Stocksy/Jeremy Pawlowski
We're now entering the holidays: the time of year that brings an endless tasting menu of mouth-watering treats. Yes, the marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes deserve every accolade, and, duh, I'll be having seconds of every side dish, but meal is complete with pie. Based on Google search data, a list of the most popular pies for Thanksgiving offers a few surprises.

Google's Thanksgiving trends reveal that of all the fillings you can stuff into a pie shell, the people want pumpkin, pecan, apple, sweet potato, and cherry respectively. So plan your Thanksgiving accordingly with the healthy versions of fan favorites.

Healthy-ish versions of the 5 most popular pies for Thanksgiving

1st place: PUMPKIN PIE

Use maple syrup to sweeten this pie instead of sugar and swap normal milk for almond. Even though this recipe takes a slightly more nutritious take on ordinary pumpkin, the ingredients list doesn't triple in size. So you can count on a more well-rounded (ha!) pie without the extra mess.

2nd place: PECAN PIE

Once more, maple syrup stands in for sugar! Don't worry, Cookie+Kate's recipe still includes the bourbon, so your pie will have the rich, decadent filling you know and love.

3rd place: APPLE PIE

The apple pie you see above has no refined sugars, features a whole wheat crust, and uses three different varieties of apples. Don't forget the vanilla ice cream, or there'll be a riot.

4th place: Sweet potato pie

Coconut whipped cream is even better than normal whipped cream, and Lacey Baier of the blog "A Sweet Pea Chef" knows it. She tops off her sweet potato pie with a large scoop to give the southern confection a health touch-up.

5th place: cherry pie

This recipe for cherry pie uses zero sugar, period. An egg wash on top of the crust leaves it golden and ready to bite right into.

Maybe it's not one of the most popular pies for Thanksgiving, but blueberry is so delicious:

Because there's always room for dessert, these low-glycemic options will help you sleep better tonight. And this one is beloved by the healthiest people in the world

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