Are These the Most Office-Appropriate Leggings Ever?

Photo: Aday

It's no surprise that fashion brands are flipping the formula and creating athleisure-inspired work attire. (After all, we're predicting that "workleisure" will be one of 2017's biggest wellness trends.)

But now their designers are creating seriously on-trend leggings and pants, made strictly for those out-of-the-gym moments: everything from wide-leg culottes to super-flared bell-bottom trousers, in machine-washable silks and sweat-wicking chinos.

"We want to set a new standard for what the clothing of the future looks like."

Carbon38's latest collection (out today) is its first that entirely falls under the no-yoga-allowed category: "Our idea is to take the DNA of activewear and implement it into pieces that are beautiful and chic, yet comfortable, moveable, and wrinkle-resistant," explains Yoon Chung, chief design and merchandising officer for the brand. "The collection has a feminine touch, with ties, flares, and cut-out details—but the advanced tech fabrics add that modern element."

Similarly, Under Armour Sportswear, whose new collection headed by Tim Coppens also drops today, is filled with work-to-life hybrid clothing: comfortable to lounge in, but still boardroom-appropriate (including a shearling blazer).

And Aday—one of the original pioneers of the idea that a capsule wardrobe can take you through your whole day—is continuing to reinvent office-appropriate silhouettes and make them comfortable and machine-washable.

"We want to make sure our products don’t scream 'spandex,' but are still comfortable and breathable so we will want to wear them all the time," explains Aday co-founder Nina Faulhaber. "We want to set a new standard for what the clothing of the future looks like—one that lasts through the seasons and focuses on versatility, which thereby frees up space.”

Don't worry—workleisure poses no threat to your perfectly curated drawer of leggings. But this new breed of pants will give you some other options to ponder every morning, as you put together your (super-comfortable) boss-lady uniform du jour.

Scroll down to see the most office-appropriate athleisure out right now.

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