Muji Has the Best Shower Supplies and None of Them Are Over $18

Photo: Getty Images/Flashpop
I am all about stores where you can get practically everything that you need in a single place. One stop shop, without all the schlep? Yes, please.

I'm looking at you, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Ikea—and I'm not even mad about that eternal dilemma when you go in for one thing and wind up with a zillion other items you didn't realize you needed (but definitely do). Another magical shop like this, with an extensive selection of, like, everything? Muji.

The minimalist's fave store carries everything from clothing basics to school and home supplies, all in a sleek, utilitarian style. Whenever I've walked past the oh-so-organized-looking boutique in the past, however, I've always thought it was merely a home and clothing shop. Little did I know (until now), that you can actually score my personal fave essentials: shower products.

From a pumice for at-home pedicures to milky, creamy body products made for sensitive skin, these are the must-haves to add to cart from Muji. The best part? They're all uber-affordable.

Keep scrolling to grab the shower essentials for yourself.

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