My Studio Style: Marlo Fisken

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my-studio-style_marlo-fiskenAs an acrobatic-inclined dancer, Marlo Fisken's fitness method is based on being able to move, so her clothes better not hold her back.

"What you’re wearing impacts everything," says Fisken, who founded and teaches Flow Movement in New York City, "so I don't like anything that inhibits me." Preach.

She encourages even the most timid participants to break out of their shells in her beat-driven, part-yoga, and part-dance workout, which includes plenty of choreography, traveling squats, hip bridges, and, you know, grapevines.

Here are a few of her favorite movement-ready activewear picks. Hey, maybe they'll help you move a little more freely—and put an end to your days of readjusting your black Spandex mid-class. —Molly Gallagher

1. Flow Movement Jacquard Cuff Pant ($98) Every time I wear these, people stop me and say 'Those are really cool.' The cut is very flattering on all different body types, it’s loose but skims the body.

2. Patagonia Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack ($29) If you’re carrying something on your shoulders it will affect how you move. And I find that carrying a fanny pack is the best way to carry things without getting in the way, especially when I'm on my way to a class.

3. Spiritual Gangster Inhale Exhale Muscle Tee ($48) I think "Inhale, Exhale" is one of the best messages you can spread. I also love to wear muscle tees all the time.

4. Magic Comfort Bra with Spaghetti Straps ($36) A lot of sports bras put pressure on your shoulders, and they impact posture and movement more than people realize. I only wear sports bras with a wide-set straps.

5. Vibram FiveFingers Alitza Shoe ($85) I like my feet to participate as fully as possibly when I'm working out, so I wear these for walking or hiking. They're an everyday shoe for me.

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(Photo at top: Marlo Fisken)


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