My Studio Style: Stephanie Nieman

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The firecracker fitness instructor at Uplift and Revolve has the workout version of what fashion mags call investing in classic (not trendy) pieces.

Stephanie NiemanEver wonder where your fitness instructor got her cute workout capris or colorful hair ties? Us, too!

That's how we found ourselves inadvertently stalking Stephanie Nieman after her killer cardio HIIT-class at Uplift Studios in New York about her stylish tank.

And precisely when we realized the firecracker instructor had a lot more cool pieces in her gym bag that we needed to know a lot more about.

Turns out that Nieman, who also teaches an adrenaline-filled indoor-cycling ride at Revolve, rocks the workout version of what fashion mags call investing in classic (not trendy) pieces.

Here are three fitness fashion picks that Neiman loves flaunt and get sweaty in right now:

Nike tank

Nike Dri-Fit Knit Running Tank Top ($55) I really like this Nike tank because it was designed to absorb sweat and dry quickly. I'm able to teach a double at Revolve without getting cold in between classes. The lines (quite literally) are extremely flattering, and I love the simple, seamless overall design.Gap

Gap Racerback Pullover Bra ($24.50) I love this light-weight sports bra from Gap. It has super thin straps that allow room for lots of upper body movement...perfect for classes at Uplift Studios. It can also crossover into your everyday wardrobe as a mock tank: Have a sheer blouse or low-cut shirt that needs to be "PG-ified?" This is a great item to wear underneath that will cover all the necessities.

BrooksBrooks Women's Adrenaline GTX Running Shoe ($135) For all the flat-footed people out there, you'll love this pair. I recently went to the foot doctor and he told me I'm in the wrong industry for my feet. So I got new shoes, the most supportive pair of running shoes I could find. These Brooks offer enough padding in the insole to allow for workouts all day. Plus they make you three inches taller! —Jamie McKillop

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