This Affordable Rolling Rack From Amazon Helped Me Streamline My Home Gym—And It’s 25% Off Now

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When I moved into my new home in July, one of the things I was most excited about was my expansive utility room, which housed my washer and dryer, extra fridge and freezer, and seemed like the perfect place to set up my first-ever home gym. After years of fitness experimentation and being a health and fitness writer, I had accumulated an awful lot of equipment, ranging from jump ropes, resistance bands, and yoga mats, to trendy Bala Bangles, dumbbells, and boxing gloves.

When I first moved in, I kept my gym equipment in the same, large woven baskets from HomeGoods that I previously had in my apartment, leaving me to dig through a pile of stuff to find what I needed when I needed it. In my apartment, that storage method worked well given the tighter parameters, but in a room with much more space, I wanted to spread everything out so that I could clearly see what I had. After a few Google searches, I settled on the Mythinglogic Home Gym Storage Rack ($120), which has over 500 5-star reviews.

Mythinglogic gym rack with yoga mats, weights, and foam rollers
Mythinglogic, Home Gym Storage Rack — $120.00

Originally $160, now $120

Available in black or white.

The Mythinglogic Home Gym Storage Rack is sold in black and white (I got black) and features three metal mesh shelves, three sets of hooks, and a back and side compartment for yoga mats, foam rollers, and other larger items. The rack, which requires simple assembly, sits atop four 360-degree wheels, two of which are lockable, so you can move it around your space should you need to. Personally, I like to keep mine next to my wall, but sometimes I’ll roll it over to my matted area if I want my equipment closer during workouts.

While the storage rack itself is very lightweight, it’s quite sturdy and able to withstand ample weight (though, a specific weight limit isn’t listed.) I’ve filled mine to the brim with 54 pounds of dumbbells, a 10-pound Bala Power Ring, eight pounds of Bala Bangles, two yoga mats, a foam roller, and two little plastic bins filled with various ropes and bands, as well as the chonky extension cord to my Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket ($599). Point being, she’s weighed down, but still rolls around smoothly.

mythinglogic gym storage rack
Photo: Rebecca Norris

From a size perspective, this cart has a footprint of 40.4”(L) x 15.7”(W) x 34.3”(H). In that way, it’s rather compact, despite holding so much. To say that I’m a fan is an absolute understatement. It's a huge step up from my woven baskets, keeping everything neat, tidy, and accessible mid sweat sesh.

I’m not the only one who loves this simple storage rack. A quick scroll through more than 500 Amazon reviews will prove it's worth the purchase. “I am a personal trainer and have a lot of equipment,” one shopper reveals. “I teach many classes and clients virtually. My stuff was all over the place. Now I finally have a place to keep everything! I was able to store a Gymboss timer, two mats, four foam rollers, a yoga ball, a yoga block, four sets of dumbbells, seven kettlebells, a yoga strap, two long resistance bands, a jump rope, a TRX, a buddy trainer, push-up assisters, a bag of small loop resistance bands, a resistance tube with handles, my attendance/workout book, my Macbook Pro, and a pump for my Bosu and large stability ball... LOVE this thing and it was really easy to put together!”

"I’m very happy with this rack," another shopper reveals. "It was well-priced and easy to set up. I managed to organize all my yoga gear and weights, and my exercise space is now so much more manageable and tidy. Recommended."

The best part? Right now, the Mythinglogic Home Gym Storage Rack is on sale for $120 (normally $160). Trust me—your home gym will never look or feel better. Add one to your Amazon cart here to finally tidy-up your workout space.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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