These Are the Trendiest Nail Polish Colors for Summer, According to 2 Nail Artists

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White nail polish will always be synonymous with summer, but if you're getting bored of Essie's Blanc and are ready to add a pop of color to your fingers and toes, we've got you covered. We tapped the pros to share the best nail polish colors for summer that people can't get enough of.

"Clients have been very into pastels and neons which is very typical for the summer, but now they are asking for colors like orange and green which is totally new," says Lexi Suga, nail artist and owner of Notox Nails in Beverly Hills. According to Suga, you'll be seeing a lot of orange and greens nails this summer, specifically fern and sage shades that are more earthy and bright lime and kelly greens, while tangerines, corals, and neon oranges will also be big.

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Rachel James, founder of Pear Nova, a vegan, cruelty- and 10-free nail polish brand, agrees with Suga, stating that bright colors like yellow, orange, coral, and red are great summer picks, which is why she created the Summer's Over collection ($50).

If you're stumped and can't decide on a nail polish color, one way that Suga says you can choose is to look to your skin undertones. She recommends going with a tangerine orange or a white with pink hues, which work well for everyone. For those with pink undertones, Suga recommends warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows, and for those with olive undertones, she recommends cool colors such as greens, blues, and purples. "Neon-like red colors" and classic oranges, like Hermès orange, also look great on people with dark skin tones, says Suga.

Let these pros' recommendations guide your future manis and pedis, but at the end of the day, James says, "Color is all about your mood."

Shop the Best Nail Polishes for Summer

Base Coat Breathable and Halal Nail Polish in Magnolia — $20.00

If whites are your go-to, try this halal-certified pick from Base Coat.

Orly Nail Polish in Power Pastel — $10.00

This light pink polish by Orly is a great option for any complexion, according to Suga. If you tend to opt for neutrals but want a hint of color, you’ll love this shade.

Àuda.B Nail Polish in Unicorn Coral Reefs — $18.00

If you’re a fan of corals and pinks (and a hint of glitter), this vegan gel-like polish from Auda B is a great option.

Sundays Non-Toxic Pure Red Nail Polish — $18.00

Suga recommends “neon-like” reds, and we agree. It’s definitely a color for those looking to make a statement and power moves. Sundays, in particular, is a great nail polish brand for those looking for 10-free polishes.

Law Beauty Essentials Vegan and Toxin-Free Polish in Fire Island Sunrise — $9.00

You may have skipped over orange polishes in the past, but now’s your opportunity to give them a shot. If a classic orange is intimidating or makes you feel like you’re getting ready for Halloween, try a shade with pink or red undertones.

J.Hannah Nail Polish in Patina — $19.00

Suga says greens of all sorts are trending this summer, and if you’re new to the shade on your nails, we recommend starting with a lighter option such as this non-toxic cruelty-free sage green.

Jin Soon Nail Polish in Palma — $18.00

If you love bold, bright colors, Palma by Jin Soon should be your next nail color.

Pear Nova Lemon Classic Lacquer in Drop Logic — $14.00

This yellow is giving Queen Bey, and we’re here for it.

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