Will This Dreamy New Wellness Den Make Naps the New Coffee Break?

Photo: Stocksy/Emmanuel Hidalgo
If anyone can make use of a regular nap time, it's New Yorkers (we already know Mayor Bill de Blasio is down). To (hopefully) prevent more busy city slickers from falling asleep on the shoulder of their subway seat neighbor, one new wellness den in midtown Manhattan is making it easier than ever to catch some zzz's on the fly. And it might be onto something bigger.

Nap York is joining the ranks of Yelo Spa to give the city that never sleeps a blissful space to Zen out—and get some much-needed shut-eye. There are four floors in the wellness club: one features a healthy café, another is full of cozy chairs, a meditation corner, yoga classes, and yet another is complete with desks so you can get some work done in a peaceful locale. But the most innovative floor? The one that's full of private, eco-friendly nap pods that feature starlit ceilings, soundproof curtains, and airweave mattresses. Basically it's a literal dream come true for busy #bossbabes.

Given how trendy everything related to sleep is this year, it's totally plausible that a quick, energizing, and restorative nap break might soon eclipse the popularity of leaving work to pick up an afternoon coffee. A 30-minute power nap only costs $10 for walk-ins—plus, you also get a complimentary hot towel and charcoal water. And—because you're totally wondering—each pod is inspected, cleaned, and disinfected after each use, allowing you to drift away in a super-hygienic environment. So, are you ready to nap in style?

Here's how acupuncture can help you have the best nap of your life. Or, consider adding this giant plush bean bag to your meditation corner.

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