How Natalia Dyer’s SAG Awards Gown Doubles As a Chic Horoscope Reading

Photo: Instagram/@sagawards
Regardless of how seriously you regard your horoscope readings, having some guidance in understanding everything from relationships and your career to even your personality can't be a bad thing. Plus, your zodiac sign can also be helpful for simplifying your decision about your cocktail order and about purchasing a pair of earrings. For the SAG Awards (which brought us a sneaker-clad Eleven on the red carpet), Stranger Things actress Natalia Dyer leaned into the out-of-this-world trend by wearing a dress that doubled as a glamorous ode to astrology.

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Possibly channeling the otherworldliness of The Upside Down, the actress wore a black and white Dior creation with an elegant, understated black bodice and a zodiac-sign adorned white skirt. Dyer (who is team Capricorn, FYI) gave everyone who saw her the chance to get some astrological insight with her getup, which essentially made all folks winners at the awards.

And with J.Crew, Vetements, and now Dior jumping in on the astrological trend, the next chapter of woo-woo wellness domination—following its home decor takeover—could very well be high fashion. It's a sign of the times!

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