This Is the Moisturizer That Natalie Portman’s Obsessed With

Photo: Wikipedia Commons/Georges Biard

As a major philanthropic force and Harvard graduate (oh, and a mother of two), Natalie Portman is much more than an Oscar-winning actress. And even though she makes her living in front of a camera, she's totally okay with keeping it real and ditching the perfectly coiffed movie star look (no surprise there, considering she rocks a shaved head like a pro).

"I was lucky enough to have my mom never really talk to me about external beauty in any way," she says in a recent interview with The Cut. "She was always focused on being a good person and kindness."

While that's truly inspiring, Portman still takes good care of her skin—with a natural regimen, of course (besides getting her glow through a vegan diet).

Besides her Joelle Ciucco cleanser, the star of Black Swan and Star Wars hoards products from a certain clean brand: Pai.

"I moisturize with Pai—it’s organic—and I use their eye cream," says Portman. "They have a rose oil." (Their rosehip oil is probably the cult-fave pick of the line.) "Sometimes, I’ll do the moisturizing mask if I’m flying," admits Portman. "I like the way all these products smell. They feel nice, and the scents make a difference." Classy like Jackie O.

Keep reading to shop Portman's super-clean top shelf.

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