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Wait! Don’t Throw Away Your Orange Peels—They Make an Amazing Aromatic Cleaner

Kells McPhillips

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Finding a new batch of in-season produce at the farmer’s market is just one more thing to love about PSL-weather. But next time you’re hygge-ing it up with a knit blanket, Netflix, and a bowl full of clementines, don’t toss those aromatic peels into the compost pile: Turns out, there’s a simple way to upcycle them into a multipurpose cleaner that will help keep your space looking and smelling fresh ’til spring.

Apart from your leftover citrus rinds, you’ll need a mason jar (because, duh, this is DIY) and vinegar—a deodorizing agent that’s high acidity dissolves soap scum and brines like a champ, according to the The Kitchn. Next, all you have to do is drop the orange peels into the container along with the vinegar, and go about your business for a week, instructs Insider.

After letting the peels marinate, you’ll have a tidying concoction that’s more Eau de Tuscany than Eau de Acidity. So pour the mixture into a spray bottle, and put it to work cleaning your wooden floors, mirrors, windows, and other non-stone surfaces (which the solution can actually scratch).

Just note: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) doesn’t classify vinegar as a disinfectant, so you’ll want to pair it with a standard, store-bought cleaner for heavy-duty sprucing endeavors.

Once you’ve spritzed your abode with the citrusy scent, all that’s missing is a batch of healthy pumpkin fudge. Welcome back, fall.

When you do clean your mirrors and windows, use *this* instead of paper towels to keep the surfaces streak-free. And PSA: Your hand-washed dishes aren’t really clean without this 30-second step

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