The All-Natural Cleaning Products You Need to Tidy Your Entire Home

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Nothing inspires me to crack the windows and deep-clean my pad more than the arrival of spring. Once it’s warm enough to wear a denim jacket (instead of a puffer fit for Westeros from Game of Thrones), I do three things: 1) put away my winter gear, 2) make a mental list of grimy areas to tackle, and 3) gather all the non-toxic cleaning products I need in one place.

So in honor of the spring clean, I asked two natural cleaning pros to share a short list of their cleaning essentials. Because preparation is key when you’re planning to tackle various stains—from the visible layer of dust on top of the fridge to the toothpaste covering your bathroom sink.

Spread out the work if you can't get to everything in one fell swoop. "Put supplies in a cleaning caddy or bucket so you can clean when you are able over the course of a week or a month," says Becky Rapinchuk, superstar blogger at Clean Mama and author of Simply Clean. “Make a list of your musts and start there. I recommend starting with dusting and a little decluttering and then moving on to deep-cleaning floors and washing windows."

Pro tip: Rely on multipurpose products that you can use on many surfaces (high-five for saving money and effort). One such product in Rapinchuk's cleaning arsenal is castile soap. She dilutes the vegetable-based cleanser with water, and uses it to scrub sinks, baseboards, doors, and floors.

Streak-free windows are spring-cleaning goals, so for a spotless finish, Rapinchuk recommends using microfiber cleaning cloths and her DIY window-and-mirror cleaning spray. The easy-to-make formula includes all-natural ingredients you already have in your pantry: equal parts white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, water, and a few drops of peppermint essential oil.

Stephanie Gerber, founder of Hello Glow and the author of Essential Glow, also prefers making homemade sprays to avoid the harsh chemicals found in most surface cleaners. Her go-to for most surfaces is her three-ingredient lavender sage multipurpose cleaner. Simply combine infused vinegar (distilled vinegar plus lavender and sage), water, and essential oils into a spray bottle. Bonus points: Lavender and vinegar are both naturally antibacterial. Spray on counters, floors, sinks and toilets for a spotless (and effortless) shine. Happy cleaning!

Here are the natural-cleaning essentials the pros count on to brighten their homes (AKA your spring-cleaning shopping list).

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