Forget Umbrellas, the Neso Sun Shade Is a Better Way To Stay Cool and Protected on the Beach

Photo: Neso
Beaches aren't really known for having a lot of shade, so it's important to bring your own to protect yourself from sun's harmful UV rays. (Yes, you still need to wear sunscreen!) While beach umbrellas are a cute way to BYOS (Bring Your Own Shade), they can be a nuisance to lug around and set up. If you're headed to the beach this summer, the Neso Grande sun shade ($135) is going to be your new best friend.

Let's get the obvious out of the way first: It sort of resembles a seven-foot-tall water skipper bug, so it's definitely not as photogenic as a beach umbrella. But it is better in pretty much every other way. It's portable, easy to assemble, and stays put even in strong winds (you can't say this about any umbrella). The fabric portion is a blend of nylon and lycra that's waterproof and UPF50+, so it quite literally has you covered. It only weighs about six pounds, and it comes with two rust-proof collapsible tent poles, and four anchor bags all inside a carrying bag that is small enough to pack in a carry-on suitcase. As an added bonus, the bag also has a cooling pocket.

Setting up the Neso beach tent is simple, though if you're more of a visual learner it is probably a good idea to watch the instructional video. One of the best parts about this beach tent is that there are no stakes you have to shove into the ground. Instead, you use the four anchor bags that are easily filled with sand or rocks and can be emptied when you break the tent down. Tip: If you anticipate strong winds, try burying the filled anchors in the sand for some extra stability. Additionally, don't be afraid to pull the fabric top tight when you're setting up—this prevents it from making an annoying flapping sound like other beach tents in the wind, and helps keep it from getting blown away.

Watch how easy it is to set up a Neso sun shade:

Once it's set up, it's seven feet tall. The stretchy fabric, at nine-foot-by-nine-foot, provides plenty of shade for three-to-six people. The beach tent comes in two additional sizes, and all three of them are available an array of solid colors, like coral or forest green, in addition to a selection of patterns, like whales, flamingos, and tropical flowers. Once you have a Neso sun shade, you won't ever bother with a beach umbrella again.

Neso Gigante — $167.00

Neo’s giant version of its beach tent is intended for five or more people. (Note: Many people recommend getting extra poles for the larger size.)

Neso 1 — $95.00

The smallest Neso sun shade is meant to cover two-to-four people.

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