What to Watch on Netflix for Maximum Holiday Cheer

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While watching holiday movies year-round can be a great idea (*cough* Elf), you learn very quickly that people will stop answering your texts if you invite them over to watch Christmas movies in August. Good news: Right now it is socially accepted, and almost required, to watch nothing but holiday specials and Christmas movies.

There are an endless amount of options on Netflix from childhood classics (The Grinch) to new internet favorites (A Christmas Prince). Below I've picked five crowd pleasers perfect for getting in, improving, or maintaining your holiday spirit. Adaptogen-filled hot chocolate and cozy blanket not included.

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1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The older you get, the less the Grinch seems unreasonable and needlessly mean—and the more downright understandable he gets as a character. (Just me?) I mean, I too have canceled plans after being unable to find anything to wear.


2. Mean Girls

Okay, so maybe Mean Girls isn't exactly a holiday classic but it does have one of the most iconic holiday scenes in movie history: the talent show rendition of Jingle Bell Rock. Plus who doesn't love a movie that you can quote your way through?


3. The Santa Clause

Since '90s nostalgia is pretty big at the moment anyways, revisit this classic featuring Tim Allen, who has to replace Santa Claus after accidentally spooking him off of his roof.


4. Bridget Jones' Diary

If you learn anything from Jones' many missteps—it's to never judge a person by his Christmas sweater.


5. A Christmas Prince

There are movies you watch because they're masterpieces and then there are movies like The Room or more recently, A Christmas Prince. This Netflix original is one of those things that is so bad it's good. Perfect for bonding with loved ones, since talking over the movie doesn't make you miss too much.

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