New Balance Is Quietly Making Some of the Best Activewear Around—Don’t Miss Out on It

Photo: New Balance
New Balance is crushing it. Between the collab with Olympian and World-Record-breaking athlete Sydney McLaughlin, teaming up with Bala to release a line of limited-edition workout essentials, and sponsoring the 50th Anniversary New York City marathon, the brand continues to steadily launch well-thought-out performance wear and streetwear. And because I'm running the lacing up for 26.2 with the New Balance team, this year, I've gotten to test out much of the latest and greatest from the brand. I can definitively say: You should get in on what they're doing.

In part, the special sauce is in how thoughtful design makes the clothes work better for you. "Functionality is always at the forefront of how we design at New Balance," says Jeff Garabedian, General Manager Global Running Apparel at New Balance. "A great example are our Q Speed tops. They are comprised of a fabric that is an engineered knit which utilizes mesh provide added breathability which can assist in helping the runner stay drier and more comfortable during their runs and workouts."

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The best New Balance buys right now

Q Speed Jacquard Short Sleeve — $45.00

This top, which Garabedian noted above is meant to provide airflow through a unique mesh detailing. When I tested it on runs, I found that I was better able to maintain a steady core heat, so I didn’t sweat out and look like I was “Brian who spends all his time at the gym.”

PMV Shutter Speed Jacket

In daylight, this jacket simply looks like a black zip-up windbreaker, but it’s meant to be used in a dual capacity at night-time where it turns into this iridescent reflective material. “The allover iridescent reflective woven fabric is pliable and provides a stealthy view of visibility while doubling to provide protection with NB Wind Defy,” says Garabedian. “The Lucent Touch pocketing technology features a transparent protective film that acts as a touch screen for a pocket window that allows you to engage your phone through the screen to reduce the fuss and distraction of having to take it out.”

NYC Marathon Jacket — $135.00

On November 7, runners will compete in the 50th New York City marathon, which New Balance is sponsoring. To celebrate the occasion, this windbreaker utilizes a gold and black color scheme that looks sharp year-round. “The number 50 is generally celebrated with gold, and the jet black main body is sleek and cool, with gold trims,” says Garabedian.

Transform 1/2 Zip — $65.00

The Transform 1/2 Zip manages to keep you warm on crisp fall mornings without allowing you to feel that cold sweat feeling that happens if you’re out and about and your body temp goes up.

Impact Run Fitted Short — $55.00

I’ve never met a pair of fitted, leggings-like run shorts that don’t ride up until I tried this pair—full stop.

NB Heat Tight — $90.00

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: “I don’t participate in winter.” So while I’ll be in those aforementioned shorts—whether it’s 50 or 50 below—these heat tights get rave reviews from those who have tried them.

FuelCell RC Elite v2 — $225.00

New Balance has two main categories of running shoes, and the Fuel Cell is one of them. These sneakers help your foot propel forward with a high-rebound foam, paired with a carbon plate across the length of the foot.

Fresh Foam 1080v11 — $150.00

The energizer bunny of footwear, these shoes are so cushioned that they keep you going and going and going. It’s almost like you’re wearing super comfy socks that keep your feet feeling like they’re on cloud nine on mile 19.

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