Are the New Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Flavors Healthy?

Photo: Ben & Jerry's
Although some ice cream varieties boast a heaping dose of protein, the sweet stuff is still not exactly where you should plan to satisfy your daily fill of nutrients. And yes, healthier-for-you ice creams (looking at you, Halo Top) and dairy-free options are currently all the rage, but you still likely won't find them displayed in prime health-food–aisle real estate. Still, if you must indulge (and personally, I must), here's some sweet news: Ben & Jerry's, the brand with some of the healthiest and tastiest vegan ice cream on the market, just unveiled two new dairy-free flavors.

Cinnamon Buns and Peanut Butter Half Baked are both now available on Ben & Jerry's website and at grocers around the country. Some less sweet news? When it comes to nutritional content, it's a double-edged-dessert-spoon situation.

Because the stuff is ice cream (duh), it's still loaded with decidedly unhealthy ingredients (namely sugar). The second item listed on the ingredients list is liquid sugar, for example, and other top ingredients are also sugar variations. Furthermore, the vegan ice cream is made with almond milk, which is great for dairy-free, vegan treat lovers, but the low-calorie milk replacement might actually lead to bigger serving sizes. This is because almond milk may make the dessert the seem less satisfying than a thicker, denser, more traditional ice cream made with dairy,  which in turn could make you want to eat the entire pint. (#Guilty.)

But since most of us (all of us, I hope!) are not eating ice cream as a means to reach health #goals (rather, it's just a treat that can act as the nightcap of sorts for those particularly long #bossbabe days), Ben & Jerry's new flavors are indeed a healthier spin on an old favorite—and they won't throw off your vegan lifestyle. Yum!

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