Dyson’s Upgraded AirWrap Will Forever Change the Way You Style Your Hair—Here’s What Happened When We Tried It

Photo: Courtesy of Dyson
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There's arguably no hair product on the internet with as much hype as the Dyson Airwrap. The revolutionary heat styler launched back in 2018, and was immediately celebrated for its speedy dry time, multipurpose functionality, and healthier-for-hair technology (so much so, that many consumers have deemed it worthy of its $500 price tag). But today, the "best of the best" has gotten even better with the launch of the new Dyson Airwrap.

“The Dyson Airwrap is a styling revolution and unlike any other tool—back when it first launched and still today," says Jen Atkin, celebrity hairstylist and Dyson global styling ambassador, in a press release. "Now, the tool does even more, allowing owners to personalize to suit their styling preferences, personalized for their hair type. You can ensure every attachment in your box delivers your desired style, specific to your hair type. Something you thought couldn’t get better, just did.” 

What to expect from the new Airwrap

Priced at $100 more than the original Airwrap (so, $600) the next-gen version of the tool has a few exciting improvements:

1. Dual-direction curling iron attachments: One of the biggest complaints about the original Airwrap is that the curling barrels could only direct airflow in one direction, which meant that you had to switch attachments halfway through your styling routine. The new tool comes with five curling barrels, each of which is able to direct airflow in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

2. A new "Coanda" smoothing dryer: The newest drying attachment in the Airwrap arsenal works by pulling hair toward the surface of the drier, which allows for faster dry times with less heat. Named after the Coanda effect, which (per the brand) "occurs when air, propelled at the right speed and pressure, naturally follows an adjacent surface," it directs airflow in a way that attracts and lifts longer hairs to hide flyaways for a smoother, shinier finish.

3. Upgraded brushes: Like the original Airwrap, the new version comes with four brush options with different sizes and firmness. Now, though, they'll use that same Coanda tech to increase the amount of control you get to deliver a straighter style.

Improvements aside, there are a few fan-favorite features that remain the same. The tool continues to come equipped with a wide-toothed comb drier (which is great for smoothing out textured hair) and two volumizing brushes. All of the attachments still click on and off with ease, the tool still emits negative ions to help reduce static in the hair during styling, and you can still use a cool shot of air to set your style.

What three editors thought about it

Zoë Weiner, senior beauty editor

"I’m embarrassed to admit that the Airwrap 2.0 was my first experience with the product (I was always too intimidated to try the original), and was shocked to discover how easy it is to use on my 3A, wavy texture," says Weiner. "During a styling session with Matt Collins, a Dyson Ambassador, I learned how to curl my hair with one of the new dual-direction attachments. Literally, all I had to do was section out some hair, hold the styler at the ends, and then bring it toward my face—the Coanda technology tool does the actual curling for you. I held it for ten seconds, and before releasing I gave my hair a shot of cool air (per Collins’ instruction) to set the style in place. My entire head of thick hair was curled within 15 minutes, and to finish things off I blasted the top with the flyaway attachment, which gave it the sort of smoothing effect I’ve never managed to achieve with any other tool—the breakage and baby hairs on my crown basically disappeared. As someone who’s always kind of balked at the $500+ price tag of the original Airwrap, I’ve gotta say that after testing the 2.0 version, I’m absolutely sold."

Kara Jillian Brown, beauty writer

I was also an Airwrap newbie and was truly giddy to unbox this new version. There's nothing I love more than big bouncy curls, so I was beyond pumped to see what I could do with the Airwrap. After fumbling with the curl direction for 30 seconds, I was able to get into a grove and create gorgeous curls using the round volumizing brush and the larger of the two curling barrels. One use truly blew me away. I was able to create super bouncy 70s curls with very little effort. Though it wasn't hard, it's not exactly quick. I have pretty thick hair and a lot of it, and I can't say that using the air wrap has cut down time in my routine—it's much easier for me to bust out flat-iron curls than having to sit and hold the Airwrap for a curl to set. But, the time is worth it as a get a fluffier, more dramatic look. I'm still experimenting to find ways to make the curls last longer, but so far, my best method has been using a teensy bit of styling mousse to increase hold.

Ella Dove, director of creative development

"Full disclosure, I am already an Airwrap devotee," says Dove. "It's the first tool that I have ever been able to use successfully, and to me, it was already perfect. But, in classic Dyson style, they took a product that was amazing and made it even better. The new attachments are easier to use—goodbye to swtiching heads for each side and HELLO to the new fly away attachment which is perfection. To me, the fact that you can get all the features of the update tool without replacing your whole set is maybe the best part. It's definitely an investment, and being able to just upgrade the attachments instead of buying a whole new Airwrap is really a win."

Considering the original Airwrap has been known to sell out, this is one new beauty tool you'll want to invest in ASAP. Trust us—it's worth it.

Watch the Dyson Airwrap in action:

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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