This Week’s New Moon in Scorpio Invites Transformational Change—Here’s What’s in Store for Your Sign

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In astrology, Scorpio represents transformation, change, elimination, and rebirth. This Scorpio season, in particular, has been focused on immense personal growth, new revelations, and important metamorphosis for us all. Lessons, areas of misalignment, and uncomfortable resistance that we have experienced have quietly revealed what we should remove from our lives in order to make room for positive evolution. And the new moon in Scorpio of 2021, happening November 4th at 5:14 p.m., ET, will initiate a new lunar cycle in alignment with these themes.

A new moon occurs when the moon and sun form an exact connection with one another in the sky, giving the visual effect from Earth of a dark moon. In this case, both luminaries will be in the sign of Scorpio, forming an activating connection with Mars. In ancient Roman mythology, Mars was the God of war, and his planetary energy represents how we take action, our instinctual nature, aggression, and drive. Mars will be at home during the new moon, as it’s one of the planetary rulers of Scorpio and also forming an opposition with unpredictable Uranus in Taurus. This pushes us to take sudden yet inspired action in order to make necessary changes aligned with our true values.

Another important aspect to note is that the new moon in Scorpio of 2021 in Mars will create a square aspect with structural innovator Saturn in Aquarius. This planetary connection will reveal unstable or rocky foundations and influence you to break them down and remove them due to tension and discomfort. At the same time, new opportunities and relationships will start to manifest in their place thanks to this much-needed clean slate. This is due to the positive influence of contractual Mercury in Libra forming powerful aspects with both expansive Jupiter in Aquarius and groundbreaking Pluto in Capricorn.

This new moon in Scorpio of 2021 can feel like a mixed bag of emotions due to the moon being in its fall position.

This new moon in Scorpio of 2021 can feel like a mixed bag of emotions due to the moon being in its fall position. On one hand, there is the challenging emotion of letting go, but on the other is the opportunity to receive more. Identifying and honoring your authentic needs in the area of life this is occurring for you is extremely important to do at this time. With Scorpio energy, it’s best to release attachment to outcomes, practice acceptance of change, and utilize your intuition to move forward. Set your intentions clearly in order to truly release what is holding you back from the fully abundant reality you deserve.

To understand on a more holistic level where transformation will happen for you during this transit, read for your sun, moon, and rising sign below. Also, get a bespoke affirmation for your sign. Affirmations—magical statements recited in the present tense to lock in high vibrational thoughts and beliefs—are a powerful way to boost your manifestation power. Incorporate them into your day during this new moon in Scorpio.

What the new moon in Scorpio of 2021 means for your sign


Aries, expect movement and change when it comes to matters surrounding joint finances, investments, loans, contracts, and legal matters during the Scorpio new moon of 2021. The opportunity to receive funding, new financing, or investments can manifest for you. This is due to the new moon’s connection with Saturn in Aquarius in your area of future vision, connections, and your network. Actions surrounding marriage are another important focus if this applies to you, and breakthroughs in this area of life could also be on deck for you.

It’s important to also be aware of the upcoming changes to your work relationships, business partnerships, and contracts that will be triggered by this new moon. Mercury, the planet ruling agreements, is in its final degrees of Libra in this area of your life and forming a transformative aspect with Pluto in Capricorn in your career house. Remember to read through everything carefully and thoughtfully. Move forward with who and what feels right for you, Aries.

Your new-moon affirmation: My collaborations are always successful, creative, and supportive. Abundance flows to me in order to invest in myself and create a stable foundation.


Relationships and what you need to feel fulfilled in your agreements will be in the energetic spotlight for you during the new moon in Scorpio, Taurus. You may have felt discomfort surrounding an important career dynamic, especially in the recent past, and now the new moon in Scorpio of 2021 is triggering you to take action and change it. This is due to the energy of the new moon in your seventh house of contracts forming a square connection with Saturn in Aquarius in your 10th house of career. This can lead to a better opportunity, more aligned with your unique values.

Bringing more balance into your daily routine, health, and work are also in the stars for you. Communicative Mercury in Libra is in this area of life and influencing growth with a connection to Jupiter in Aquarius in your career area. This could mean adding new wellness habits or even incorporating more movement during your day. It’s the small changes that count! If you have been putting in sweat equity to advance your career, this time can bring through important breakthroughs. For some, you can receive help from new supportive team members, or seek to change your workflow for the better.

Your new-moon affirmation: Health is wealth, and I always put myself and well-being first. Through honoring my needs, others honor them, too.


It’s time for a much needed intellectual change, Gemini! The new moon in Scorpio of 2021 is ushering in a busy but transformative fresh start when it comes to your sixth house of work, routine, health, and your creativity. Expect an expansive new long-term project or opportunity to come your way, giving you more of a visible platform to share your thoughts and ideas. The universe is encouraging you to release what has been holding you back from expressing your authentic truth.

This is also a period when going back to receive a certification, teaching others, publishing your ideas, or working with an international team can all be a focus for you. Expanding your knowledge and experience will become more of a priority, and ultimately this will lead to positive growth in your work. Release old mindsets that limited your professional growth, and expand with creativity, Gemini.

Your new-moon affirmation: My thoughts and creative vision are valuable and helpful for the collective. I only attract work that fulfills my mind, body, and soul.


Lunar cycles are always more potent for you than other zodiac signs because the moon is the ruler of your sign, Cancer. This particular new moon is in fellow water sign, Scorpio, centered in your fifth house of creativity, self-expression, fertility, pleasure, romance, and indulgence. You will be emotionally focused on all or some of these matters during this lunar cycle. This can include a new creative project, topics involving children, or removing what is no longer giving you satisfaction in your romantic life.

The planet of communication, Mercury, being in Libra is giving you support in the area of home through forming a harmonious connection with expansive Jupiter in Aquarius in your investment sector. Through this planetary alignment, you can experience movement in terms of an important contract surrounding home, or receive word on financing you’ve been awaiting.

Your new-moon affirmation: My home is my sanctuary, and I align with spaces that comfort me.


Leo, the new moon in Scorpio of 2021 is ushering in transformative release and change surrounding the home for you. Moving, changing, or renovating your personal space can be top of mind for you at this time. Don’t allow the details to stress you out, though—take things one at a time. This is also when themes surrounding family can come up in order for you to resolve them. This type of ancestral healing can feel empowering and emotionally liberating for you over this two week portal.

This new moon period is also influencing change to your daily routine and approach to work. Contractual planet Mercury in Libra is in your third house of communication and forming a supportive connection with lucky Jupiter in Aquarius in your partnership sector. Conversations surrounding new agreements can develop at this time, bringing in new work or collaborators. Due to this shift, your entire daily structure can shift due to new tasks. Remember to practice balance, take rests, and put your wellness first.

Your new-moon affirmation: Home is where the heart is. I create space to heal and connect with myself in my private sanctuary.


Communication is key for you during the new moon in Scorpio of 2021, Virgo. The moon and sun is activating your third house and bringing your attention to important meetings, documents, contracts, or new marketing projects. This new moon will form a transformative connection with Saturn in your sixth house of work and routine. Prepare for the structure of your day to shift and new items to add onto your task list. Opportunities are coming through for you!

This time is also bringing in important communication and negotiations surrounding your money and finances. This can include renegotiation of your salary, financial contracts, or receiving a boost of monetary flow due to all of the work you have been putting in. Remember to advocate for your value and worth, the universe will give you what you ask for.

Your new-moon affirmation: My work is valuable, and I am always compensated for what I’m worth. I advocate for myself and what I have to offer.


The new moon in Scorpio of 2021 is placing energetic emphasis on your second house of earned income, finances, material gains, and money. A significant investment, or creative endeavor could require you to change the structure of your (or a partner’s) budget. Scorpio energy represents alchemy, the transmutation of challenges into triumphs. If you have not advocated for your worth in the past, this new moon energy is empowering you to do so now.

The energy of the universe is on your side in terms of your creative projects, self-expression, joy, and potentially matters surrounding children. Expect a pivotal conversation surrounding your value, investments, joint finances, and how you make a living. This is due to the communication planet, Mercury, being in the final degrees of Libra and forming an auspicious connection with Jupiter in Aquarius in your creative fifth house. New contracts and decisions will be in your favor at this time.

Your new-moon affirmation: I am the alchemist. I turn any challenge presented to me into an opportunity for growth.


The new moon in Scorpio of 2021 is occurring in your sign and is the most powerful new moon of the year for you. Think back to this time year ago, when the last Scorpio new moon occurred. Now you can experience the manifestation of seeds you’ve planted, or forward movement surrounding your personal evolution and growth. When a new moon occurs in the same zodiac sign as your sign, it can feel like a snake shedding what (or who) is no longer in alignment with you, personally.

Matters surrounding the home, ancestral healing, and your emotions can also develop for you. The new moon is aspecting the planet of lessons, Saturn, in Aquarius in your fourth house. Important discussions with family can help resolve what has been emotionally holding you back from progressing in the relationships you now have as an adult. Release, repair, and heal.

Your new-moon affirmation: I release everything that is holding me back from becoming my truest self. I am stepping into my power, and leading my own life.


The new moon is bringing about private changes surrounding your mindset, and your approach to health, wellness, and your work, Sagittarius. The new moon will be in your 12th house, bringing up hidden information that will push you to change certain facets of your work and how you navigate your daily life. These new schedule changes can help you achieve balance and harmony, versus draining you. If you have been overworking yourself, this new moon is teaching you how to value yourself and articulate your needs. Wellness is just as important as wealth.

The universe is also bringing opportunities to you through your network and connections. Communicator Mercury in Libra is in your 11th house and sending positivity to your lucky planetary ruler, Jupiter, in Aquarius. Keep a look out for a transformative DM, email, or phone call from a past colleague or influential friend. This is also a good time to experience social media growth. Be open to the possibilities, Sagittarius!

Your new-moon affirmation: I always place myself first, so that others will recognize my value too. Taking care of myself is the highest form of love.


Your groups, friends, and network are up for review, giving you room for a fresh start in this area of your life during the Scorpio new moon. Perhaps you realize those with whom you surround yourself aren’t a match for where you see your future heading. Now, you can clean things up energetically in order to create space for new and aligned people in your life.

This new moon is also initiating conversations surrounding finances and money. Perhaps new opportunities develop from a contact in your network, and now you must negotiate. Remember to stand firm in your value, and to articulate your ideas. The universe is providing you with the positive energy you need to navigate your way forward. Changes that take place now will help provide you with stability in the future.

Your new-moon affirmation: I am activating and honoring my true tribe. I attract individuals who uplift and honor me.


Expect to make important career moves at this time, Aquarius. The cosmos encourage you to step into your true authenticity when it comes to your professional path, and to feel in alignment. Now the new moon in Scorpio is activating this area of your life, empowering you to choose what you truly want to do. This is through the transformative connection between the new moon and your planetary ruler, Saturn, in Aquarius.

The communication planet, Mercury, in Libra is also influencing the energy of this new moon with a supportive connection to lucky Jupiter in Aquarius. Ask yourself: Where have you allowed others to dull your unique sparkle and shine? You will receive the opportunity to speak publicly or share your thoughts on a significant topic with others on a broader scale. Allow this to be a moment of positive personal growth, and move forward with confidence.

Your new-moon affirmation: I am unique, and others love the true me. Money always flows to me as a result of doing what I love.


The new moon in Scorpio is expanding your wisdom, ideas, and consciousness, Pisces. It’s activating your ninth house of higher learning, foreign matters, spirituality, and broader vision. You can feel encouraged to dive deeper into your favorite spiritual modality, attend an informative class to learn something new, or travel to a far away location for perspective. This can require you to invest money, but the knowledge you gain is priceless.

If you have been working on an endeavor behind the scenes in private, the new moon is also encouraging you to present it publicly. This also can manifest in the form of taking an important test or certification. You can feel empowered to share your knowledge, and it will be well received by others. Have faith in your abilities!

Your new-moon affirmation: Knowledge is power. The wisdom I gain is invaluable and a gift to humanity.


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