Valentine’s Day Isn’t the Only Thing Coming—7 New Sex Toys You Should Try This Month

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Planning the perfect Valentine's Day date is hard. If you're single, the whole "celebrating being in love thing" can be overwhelming. If you're dating, the "uh... What do we do for Valentine's Day" thing can be nerve-wracking, too (especially if you're in a fairly new relationship).

Need an easy idea? Book yourself a date with a buzzy new sex toy. Since the new year, some of our favorite brands like Zalo, Maude, and Dame have released seriously steamy new gadgets and gizmos that perfect for partnered and solo play alike. V-day pressure begone—with one (or a few) of these sex toys, finding something fun to do alone or with your lover is a no-brainer.

Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving loooong after February ends. Scroll to shop the best new sex toys that have won the hearts of editors and are guaranteed to leave you head over heels, too.

7 buzzy new toys to try with a partner (or yourself) this month

Zalo, Rose Rabbit Thruster — $99.00

If you keep up with our sexy stories, you’ll know we’re big fans of Zalo. The sexual wellness brand is a goldmine for toys that feel as good as they look, trading stereotypical phallic shapes and loud colors for more thoughtful, creative designs.

If you want a new toy that’s equal parts pretty and pleasurable, add this thruster to your cart. The self-heating toy features a clitoral suction device and a G-spot stimulator that swirls and twirls in toe-curling twists. The floral design beats a bouquet of real roses any day.

JimmyJane, Form 2 Gripp — $68.00

If you want something tried-and-true, add this gadget to your cart. New from JimmyJane, it riffs off the brand’s original clitoral vibrator that contours to your natural curves to hit all the right places. Only this time, there’s a finger-friendly grip which allows for easy access. Small but mighty, the Form 2 Gripp is worth a spot in everyone’s pleasure chest.

Dame, Com — $125.00

New from Dame is this wonderful wand that one of our editors said, “looks like how you’d expect someone to feel after being totally bent out of shape in a fit of pleasure.” Agreed. Unlike traditional wands, it’s slightly curved, allowing for better ergonomic access. Don’t let its pretty periwinkle color and dainty features fool you, though—it’s got a lot of giddy up. There are five power settings, but let’s just say you probably won’t need them all…

Maude, Cone + Shine — $40.00

Need a quick Valentine’s Day gift? This new set from Maude makes for a very sweet treat. It includes the brand’s new butt plug, which is silky soft and user-friendly (a great first butt plug if you’re just starting to explore new territory.) It also comes with the editor-approved natural, aloe-based lube that makes all sorts of play better. For $40, it blows a stuffed teddy bear out of the water.

Smile Makers, The Poet — $129.00

True to the brand’s name, Smile Makers will leave you with a smile… plus some. The Poet is the brand’s first clitoral suction toy, so if you’re fan of that slurpy, oral sex simulation, give this a whirl. Spine-tingling settings aside, it’s compact, travel-friendly, and easy to use. Even though it’s called The Poet, this thing will leave you at a loss for words.

Emojibator, Hot & Spicy Bundle — $94.00

Single or not, every Valentine’s Day should be hot and spicy. That’s why we love this zesty bundle by Emojibator that turns the heat up for you and your partner. Each pack includes a Chili Pepper Emojibator (lol), the brand new Candle Warming vibrator (yum), and pack of post-sex wipes (convenient.) Whether you’re taking yourself on a hot date or spending the night with your partner, this bundle will spice things up.

Cute Little Fuckers, Jix — $84.00

Meet Jix, the new all-inclusive toy on the market. Its curved, tapered shape and soft silicone body make it great for beginner play, allowing you (or your playmate) to explore with ease. The dual-stimulation feels ah-mazing, complete with five speeds and five vibration patterns for a total choose-your-own-adventure experience. As the website says, “Jix is a loving and hard-working friend,” one you’ll never regret having in your bedside table.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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