All-Natural, Preservative-Free Ketchup Slices Are a Thing—but Would You Use ’Em?

Photo: Instagram/@sliceofsauce
The days of squirting ketchup on a sandwich (and hoping it doesn't ricochet onto your white activewear twin set to create an impossible-to-remove stain) might soon be over—at least if the creator of one food innovation has her way. Thanks to Slice of Sauce, the condiment isn't lookin' so saucy anymore, and assembling your meal could be a whole lot less messy.

Emily Williams and her business partner Thac Lecong recently developed sliced ketchup—yes, you read that correctly—and they hope that once they raise enough money via current crowdfunding efforts, the product will transform the traditional condiment aisle. Instead of squeezing a container to get your fix, you'll use the gluten-free product just as you would sliced cheese. And, since the product's Kickstarter page shows the entrepreneurs have already met their goal, what they call the "slice age" may be upon ketchup connoisseurs sooner than later.

"The slice is going to revolutionize the way that we sauce. It's all-natural, no preservatives—this flavor is the real deal." —Emily Williams, Slice of Sauce founder and creator

"The slice is going to revolutionize the way that we sauce," Williams, founder and creator, said in a campaign video. "It's all-natural, no preservatives—this flavor is the real deal."

But though sliced ketchup sounds like an easy way to eat flavorfully sans the mess, is it something you'd really want to use? While some people are totally onboard, others have mixed feelings about the new product, even comparing it to Fruit Roll-Ups, which, #IMO, doesn't sound like a delectable addition to your egg sandwich.

Sure, it might sound weird (like, really weird—but most novel ideas tend to), but who knows? This #girlboss could be on to something, and it might just make your soggy packed lunches a thing of the past.

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