7 Cozy Cabins You Can Still Book for a No-Fuss, Hygge-Filled New Year’s Eve

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Sorry to be a grinch, but a few annual celebrations have always filled me with pangs of dread, and New Year's Eve is chief among them. When it comes to that certain post-Christmas festivity, I'm always inundated with the stress of trying to plan the best night ever. But, my apartment's close proximity to the Times Square ball drop (and the chaos that comes with that part of town at that time of year) always turns me into a holiday-season recluse.

So, it seems like the best way to ensure a super-fun NYE is to 1. remove all of the stress and expectations of having life-changing, earth-shattering fun and 2. forgo the crowds, fuss, and parties. Basically—have a hygge night in.

But how, you ask? Well IMO, the best way is to book a cozy cabin on Airbnb and get your fill of IRL #cabinporn.

I've rounded up a selection of cabins (because 'tis the season) that are still available for New Year's Eve (for now…so, act fast).

Scroll through the celebratory (yet chill) cabins below.

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1. Idaho Springs, Colorado, $299 per night

Cabin on the outside, chic rustic chalet on the inside. Win, win.

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2. Oamaru, New Zealand, $72 per night

It's currently summer temperatures in the Southern hemisphere, meaning you can celebrate New Year's Eve while getting in your vitamin D fix.

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3. Nemocón, Colombia, $36 per night

You can stay at this mountainside Airbnb in Colombia for the price of a SoulCycle class. Plane ticket excluded, obviously.

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4. Hvammstangi, Iceland, $130 per night

There are so many reasons why Iceland is a popular bucket-list location, like the hot springs and the northern lights. At this cozy cabin, you can ring in the New Year while basking in the natural phenomenon. (Hopefully).

Photo: Airbnb

5. Misvær, Norway, $99 per night

This cabin in Norway is secluded enough that you'll feel like you're actually getting away and unplugging, though yes there's Wi-Fi. So if you want to see the ball drop or tap into the goings on of the rest of the world, you can.

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6. Saint-Jean-de-Védas, France, $98 per night

A cabin in France really sells itself, but this one also has a mesh ceiling nook that is basically the most hygge version of a hammock ever. See you there.

Photo: Airbnb

7. Castro, Chile, $134 per night

And of course, a geo-dome! This South American retreat has all the makings of a cozy dream vacation—wood everything and rustic furniture among them.

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