14 New Year’s Eve Meditation and Yoga Classes You Can Stream Online

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Much like just about everything else this year, New Year's Eve is going to look pretty different than it usually does as we all try to stay socially distanced at the pandemic's peak. And even if you typically opt to quietly watch the ball drop from home on December 31, the feeling of the end of this year is likely to be distinct from that of any before it; it's pretty safe to bet that most of us have a lot riding on the hope that 2021 is going to be much better than 2020 in every way possible.

As such, this New Year's Eve is shaping up to be more introspective than usual, and many of us are planning to lean heavily into the restorative practices that've seen us through the last nine months as the curtain closes on 2020 at long last. Mindfulness, quietude, and gentle movement will supplement or even supplant champagne as we all steel ourselves for what's left of COVID-19's challenges, while simultaneously allowing ourselves to envision a happier path ahead. If you're looking to partake in a yoga flow, meditation, or combination of the two that's specifically oriented towards letting go, looking forward, and setting positive intentions for the new year this December 31, there are a number to choose from.

New Year's Eve Yoga Flows

1. "Yoga for New Beginnings" from Yoga with Adriene

YouTube yoga superstar Adriene Mishler—who's been creating a ton of mental health-focused content this year, including the uber-popular "Yoga for When You Feel Dead Inside" flow—will be releasing an 18-minute practice on December 31 specifically geared towards turning the page on 2020. It's free.

2. "90-Minute Flow Into The New Year" with Kathryn Budig on Glo

On the Glo fitness platform, popular yogi Kathryn Budig will be leading a level two 90-minute flow that'll set just the right tone for sloughing off the weight of 2020 and moving into the relative light of 2021. This flow requires a Glo membership, but free trials are available.

3. "Releasing 2020 New Year's Eve Event" Restorative Yoga and Meditation with Nicole Havelka

Nicole Havelka is certified in many types of meditation and also specializes in restorative and trauma-sensitive yoga. This New Year's Eve, she'll be hosting a two-hour event from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST aimed at releasing 2020 and setting intentions for 2021. It will include both restorative yoga and meditation practices. Tickets are $20-$60.

4. "New Beginnings Yoga" at Stråla Yoga

This locally-beloved New York City-based studio will be offering a "new beginnings" flow at 10 p.m. EST to stretch, strengthen, and inhale/exhale your way into 2021. Stråla Yoga is membership-based, and is free for seven days and then $19.99 per month thereafter.

5. New Year's Eve class with Donna Rubin at bodē nyc

At 10 p.m. EST, bodē nyc studio co-founder Donna Rubin will lead a 60-minute flow followed by a 15-minute yoga nidra meditation to seal off 2020 and welcome in the new year.

6. "Savasana into the New Year" with Kristin Bilella at mang'Oh Yoga

This event, which will stream from 8pm to 10 p.m. EST, will include a "letting go" ceremony and vinyasa flow followed by a deep Savasana to help ease both mind and body into the new year. It's led by yoga instructor Kristin Biellla and costs $25.

New Year's Eve Meditations

1. "Resolve to Evolve" from Yoga with Adriene 

Mishler is also offering a 10-minute meditation on her YouTube channel this December 31, which will be geared toward the resolution behind most of our more specific yearly resolutions: self-evolution. (Maybe this year, we can resolve to evolve as a species, too?) It's free.

2. New Year's Eve meditations with Kelsey Patel on PureJoy

LA-based Reiki master and wellness expert Kelsey Patel is launching her new app, PureJoy, on December 31. That day, she'll offer two different events; the first is a clearing, healing, and grounding meditation and then second is focused around intention setting. The first week on PureJoy is free.

3. "Charting Your Course for 2021" with Heather Hayward at Unplug Meditation

LA-based meditation studio Unplug Meditation is offering a New Year's Eve event with life coach and meditation teacher Heather Hayward. It will stream from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. PST and include guided journaling, meditating, and intention-setting. It's $40.

4. "Release 2020 and Embrace 2021—Mind, Body, and Soul" with Shayna Hiller at Unplug Meditation

The studio will also host an event from 10 p.m. to 11:55 p.m. PST that will focus on helping you zero in on the things you want to leave behind from 2020 and bring into your life in 2021. It will involve journaling, dynamic meditation with breath and movement, and a sound bath. It's $45.

5. "Ready to Take On What Is To Come Meditation" with Kadam Morten

The Kadampa Meditation Center in New York City will be live-streaming a 90-minute meditation held from 10:30 p.m. to midnight EST. It's to be hosted by meditation teacher Kadam Morten, who says the focus will be on letting go of any tension and unhappiness built up in 2020 in order to enter 2021 refreshed, fortified, and open to what's to come next. It's $20.

6. New Year's Eve Meditation with Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Sahaja Yoga is a unique form of meditation that is well-suited to all levels, even beginners. Their New Year's Eve practice will stream at 9:45 p.m. EST, with some virtual socializing scheduled for the end of the session. It's free.

7. "Silence and Celebration: A New Year's Eve Retreat and Party (Online)" at Shambhala Los Angeles

If you're looking for an intensive meditation experience on December 31, this may be it. From 4 p.m. until 1 a.m. PST, LA's Shambhala meditation center will offer an online retreat consisting of two different Zoom rooms. One will be the "Silence Room," where ongoing meditations will be held, and the other will be the "Celebration Room," to be utilized for socializing with the community. All levels are welcome, and the price is $20.

8. New York Insight's Annual New Year's Eve Gathering and Celebration

Insight's virtual New Year's Eve event runs from 8:45 p.m. to 12:15 a.m. and will include meditations, chanting, intention-setting, socializing, and a "surprise" ending. It's $15-$35.

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