The Staples a Gluten-Free Food Blogger Keeps Stashed in Her Fridge

She also shares a healthy twist on fries you probably haven't tried.
Scrolling through Nicole Cogan's Instagram feed is a lot like falling into a gluten-free wonderland stocked with cauliflower rice, #smoothiegoals, and all the nut butters. Cogan started her blog, No Bread, out of personal need back in 2009—back in those days, taking clients out to eat at her Wall Street job proved exceedingly difficult with a gluten intolerance, and she wanted to keep a record of her favorite restaurants and dishes. Nowadays, the GF pro offers intel to her 150k followers on everything from the latest and greatest gluten-free snacks to how to navigate the menus at their local eateries.

What was once a side hustle is now a full-time passion project that interweaves gluten-free eating with cupping sessions, CorePower yoga, and impromptu dance classes with her BFFs (including Nina Dobrev). So how does she fuel herself for all this action? Below, Cogan gives you a glimpse into her fridge full of gluten-free treasures.

Click the plus signs on this photo for gluten-free food tips from Nicole Cogan of @nobread.


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