8 Benefits of Morning Sex and Tips for How To Have It More Often

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While sex is often associated as a nighttime activity, the truth is that morning sex can be just as pleasurable, (maybe even more!) if you can figure out a way to fit it into your schedule. Just like some people are night owls and some are early risers, some people are just more likely to prefer morning sex and might even consider it the best time of day to have sex. And it makes sense too, once you hear about the many benefits of morning sex, like feel-good endorphins and starting your day off on the right foot. Plus, when you consider how sex is so often associated with sleep, knowing when to have sex by chronotype might also influence personal preferences for morning or night sex.

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If you and your partner find that morning intimacy works better for your schedule, go for it! “For many people, the morning is a sensual, erotic time,” says sex therapist Madeline Lucas, LCSW. Doing so can not only bring you closer to your partner, it’s also a good way to give your body the best head start possible in a lot of ways.

“For many people, the morning is a sensual, erotic time.” —Madeline Lucas, LCSW, sex therapist

To learn about the many benefits of morning sex, we spoke to the experts for more science-backed tips for why a.m. sex just hits so much better. Oh, and they gave us plenty of tips for making morning sex more of a priority, easier to schedule, and all around, more pleasurable, too.

Benefits of Morning Sex:

1. You might find morning sex more convenient

For couples that tend to be tired at the end of the day, sex first thing in the morning could be a great way to find time to be intimate, explains Lucas. “If you’re finding that you or your partner(s) are zonked by the end of the day and too tired for sex, morning sex could be the cure,” she adds. Doing so can help you “prioritize intimacy in a way that works for you,” and your schedule.

2. You might find morning sex starts your day off well

Wake up on the right side of the bed with some morning sex to help begin your day with pleasure, suggests Lucas. “We know that sex releases those feel-good relaxing, love hormones— why not let those get goin’ before your day even begins?” Lucas says. Incorporating a.m. nooky just might put you in a good enough mood that you’re even able to see benefits throughout the rest of your day as well, she adds.

3. You might find yourself less anxious or insecure during morning sex

“In the morning, when we’re a little sleepy and still waking up, many people find they can be more vulnerable and intimate, unobstructed by anxiety or insecurities—before the day starts and our defenses and stresses shake us up a bit.” says Lucas. Who among us doesn’t feel just that much more on edge once we down our first coffee and check our morning inbox? Plus, as Lucas notes, if “you’ve just woken up from a (hopefully) restful slumber, you’ll already be feeling relaxed and at ease,” And feeling relaxed always makes sex better.

4. You might find mornings just naturally sexier than nighttime

“Context matters in all things sex,” Lucas says, adding that the morning can be an even sexier time itself than nighttime. “Whether it’s the light sneaking in through your curtains, messy hair, sleepy eyes, or crumpled sheets, this can really set the mood if your mind is open,” Lucas says. And you know what? That does sound nice. Sunrise sexytimes and dawn lovemaking? Don’t mind if we do!

5. You might find morning sex makes you more productive after

As sex educator Suzannah Weiss, resident sexologist for Fleshy, explains, morning sex can energize you, clear your mind, and put you in a good mood, which can then lead to increased productivity.

6. You might be in a better mood after morning sex

“Sex releases endorphins such as dopamine and serotonin, which improve your happiness and help you relax,” says Weiss. Not to mention, morning sex “also just starts the day on a good note [and] it’s easier to feel happy when you’ve devoted your morning to pleasure and connection,” Weiss adds.

7. You might find morning sex makes you feel more connected to your partner

“Sharing a moment of intimacy first thing in the morning can help you feel closer and more connected throughout the day,” Weiss says. By prioritizing sexual pleasure first thing in the morning, this can “even set the stage for having amazing sex when you reconnect in the evening,” adds Weiss.

8. You might be more relaxed after morning sex

According to Weiss, “One study1 found that people who’d recently had sex had lower stress and lower blood pressure when they had to give a speech.” So if you’re the type to get nervous before a big day at work, morning sex might be a good way to quell your nerves, Weiss adds.

Tips for Morning Sex:

1. Ask your partner beforehand about what they’re into

“Get on the same page in advance regarding your feelings about morning sex,” Weiss says. “Ask your partner if they tend to be turned on in the morning and what it would take to turn them on,” Weiss says. As with all things sex, communication is key and will go a long way.

2. Try some comfy-cozy positions

And to be clear, by this we mean “less complicated (ahem: ‘lazy’)” as Lucas explains. She suggests positions like spooning sex, where the receiving partner lifts their leg for deeper penetration, lizard (aka flat missionary), and side-hugging sex (where both partners face each other naked) for more intimacy. Another bonus of these positions, besides being easy to transition into from sleeping, is that these are all great if you’re not into morning breath, Lucas adds.

3. Don’t worry about orgasming

Instead, take the pressure off and focus on intimacy, connecting, and finding pleasure (whether there’s an orgasm or not), Lucas says. While the benefits of orgasm are plenty, there’s also benefit to just focusing on appreciating the pleasure that intimacy and sex can bring.

4. Start slow

“Don’t forget the foreplay, even if you’re sneaking in a quickie before work,” Lucas says. For extra intimacy with your partner, she recommends you “Start slow with some kissing, caressing, and maybe whispers to wake your partner and see if they’re interested.” Channel your inner Hatch alarm clock, and “Think: calming, sensual wake up vs. blaring alarm clock,” suggests Lucas.

5. Don’t worry too much about morning breath

First of all, morning breath “happens to all of us and does not need to be the reason not to be intimate,” Lucas says. If you’re still a lil’ self-conscious though, Lucas suggests getting creative with workarounds, like “maybe keeping water by your bed for a quick swig, or trying positions that don’t involve kissing (like spooning).”

6. Make it a part of your routine

“If you’re really pressed for time and worried about having time for a pre-work shower, why not kill two birds with one stone?” Lucas asks. Take your morning sex into the bathroom for some steamy fun where you can still be intimate with your partner while getting clean.

7. Allow yourselves to pick things up later

“Don’t put pressure on the situation,” Weiss says. The mornings can be a busy time for people who have to get up and go to work, so if you and your partner want to get frisky, don’t feel rushed or put pressure on the situation. “You can enjoy kissing, cuddling, and or foreplay in the morning and then continue what you started later in the day,” Weiss adds.

8. Pre-plan your morning sex environment

“If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, you can make morning sex easier for yourself by leaving things like toys, lube, and water on your nightstand the night before,” Weiss suggests. This way, you’re ready to rock n’ roll straight from the sheets.

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  1. Brody, Stuart. “Blood pressure reactivity to stress is better for people who recently had penile-vaginal intercourse than for people who had other or no sexual activity.” Biological psychology vol. 71,2 (2006): 214-22. doi:10.1016/j.biopsycho.2005.03.005

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