This Lightweight Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoe Has a Barely-There Feel and It’s Perfect for Travel

Photo: Nike | Graphic: W+G Creative
Being picky is considered annoying say when you can't decide on a place to eat and don't like any options that are presented to you, but when it comes to shoes—specifically running shoes—you absolutely should be picky. Your goals, the anatomy of your foot, and even your skill level should all be considered when shopping for a new pair of running shoes. While we don't know much about your feet, if you prefer more low-profile shoes that are somehow still supportive, lightweight, and fit like a sock, we recommend testing out the Nike Free Run 5.0 running shoe ($100).

This shoe was created for running, but you can also get your play on, whatever that looks like for you, in it as well. The key features of this shoe are that it's lightweight, fits like a sock, and it's flexible so that it works with your feet, not against them. While the Free model has always been lightweight, this new iteration is even lighter (it's also softer and more responsive too, according to the product description).

What's more, it was created with Nike's infamous breathable knit material (perfect for those humid runs) and allows the shoe to stretch with your foot. And, if you're the person who sticks to their workout routine while on vacay, this lightweight training shoe is a must-have.

In addition to this being an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable running shoe, you'll also be happy to know that it was made with at least 20 percent of recycled materials as Nike continues to work toward more sustainable practices and reducing footwear waste. Like most athletic gear, to know if it works for you, you've got to give it a test ride or run in this case, but we have a feeling you're going to love these shoes.

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