Why Nikki Reed Would “Rather Be Able to Lift 50 Pounds Than Feel Skinny”

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You might see Nikki Reed in the pages of your favorite gossip mag, but dot let it fool you: The 27-year-old Sleepy Hollow star is adorably wholesome. She doesn’t take selfies, isn’t a fan of filters, and only just found out about the existence of Photoshop-like apps—plus, she hardly wears makeup when she’s not on a TV or movie set. You're not likely to hear the d-word coming out of her mouth, either.

“I believe in women feeling strong. I grew up with a mom who never said, ‘How much do you weigh?’ Calories were never something that were brought up, so it’s not in my conscious thinking,” she explains.

Instead, the former Twilight vamp—and avid mountain biker (we're talking every day)—says she’d “rather be able to lift 50 pounds than feel skinny.” Reed doesn’t eat animal products, which she believes “has a lot to do with one’s health and wellness and skin.” (“I’m not critical of those who do—it’s just that’s what works for me,” she notes.)

When it comes to skin care, the actress admits that she's more likely to make her own blend than pick up something from the drugstore. (You might, however, find her at Kiehl's—she's recently partnered with the brand.)  But whether she's using something store-bought or whipping up a body scrub at home, what are her beauty staples?

From products to healthy habits, here are the five things that Nikki Reed says give her a serious glow.

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1. Living Libations Chocolate-Mocha Lover Lips ($7)

Product-wise, Living Libations is my absolute obsession. [They make] a beautiful chocolate [lip balm] that’s just to die for.

Nikki Reed
Photo: Instagram/@iamnikkireed

2. Outdoor workouts

I have to get a workout in every morning and it always involves something outdoorsy—I mountain bike every day. I also love to climb a mountain.  I remember shooting a film once where I had to stay really pale, and nothing makes me more sad than being told I can’t go outside and be in the sun!

Raw is Everything Oils
Photo: Raw is Everything

3. Oils

I’m a big believer in using oils to moisturize the skin. I put coconut oil, grape seed oil, stuff like that on my face. I make a great body scrub [with oils]: I just take essential oils like lavender and peppermint oil, and I use grape seed oil as my base, and then [mix them with] a little salt and little sugar. You can even put coffee grounds in! I try to make [body scrubs] only one or two days in advance so they stay good.

Photo: Instagram/@iamnikkireed
Photo: Instagram/@iamnikkireed

4. Bold brows

I love a good eyebrow. If I have a strong eyebrow and feel a little sun-kissed and have some [lip balm], I’m set. I don’t let anyone pluck them; no one has touched my eyebrows since I was maybe 18! I do a tiny bit of tweezing so I don’t have a unibrow, and that’s it.

Nikki Reed
Photo: Instagram/@iamnikkireed

5. Meditation

It’s quieting the mind. My mom always says to me, “Make sure you put as much time into your mind as you do your body.” Meditation is great, or just finding five minutes to sit by yourself and think about nothing. I’m learning how to do it in really busy environments.

Research shows that meditation's a beauty booster and can keep your brain from aging as well. Ready to start your own practice? Here's how. And if you're looking to DIY your beauty routine like Nikki Reed, these four amazing skin-care recipes all feature superfoods you already have stocked in your kitchen.

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