The Secret to Stocking Your Fridge That Makes Meal Prepping a Cinch

Photo: Instagram/@nikkisharp; Graphic: Well+Good Creative
Wellness expert, yoga teacher, vegan chef, and meal prep queen Nikki Sharp has one major mantra that rules her plate—and fridge: eat the rainbow. "The more colorful the food, the less cravings you'll have naturally," Sharp says, adding that eating this way will give your body more natural energy. (See ya, countless cups of coffee!)

The Meal Prep Your Way to Weight Loss author believes that the first step to eating healthier and tackling meal prep is not just what’s in your fridge, but how many colors you see when you open it.  So what does this actually look like? Here, Sharp reveals what's in her own fridge at home. “When I’m trying to show people an organized fridge, the prettier it looks, the more enticing, the more likely we are to do it or follow it. We eat with our eyes,” she says.

Looking at the colorful wonderland that is Nikki’s fridge certainly makes thinking about meal planning less intimidating, and—dare we say—kind of exciting.

Ready to peek inside her fridge? Scroll down to look inside and press the plus signs for the reasoning behind key items.

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