Nina Dobrev Has the Perfect Idea for Your Warm-Weather Women’s Circle

Photo: Instagram/@nina

While your girlfriend gatherings this winter have undoubtedly been hygge-happy hangouts—complete with golden milk lattes, fuzzy blankets, and Netflix—the warmer weather will allow you to (finally) enjoy the outdoors again without having to worry about frostbite.

Actress (and breakup guru) Nina Dobrev already has the perfect activity picked out—and it's one you're going to want to replicate with your own BFFs ASAP. In a recent Instagram post, Dobrev showcased herself and seven of her closest friends chilling by the pool with matching, bright-blue face masks on.

"Nothing's better than girl time, so we decided to throw a BBQ. Not a huge party or anything, just a chill girl day."

Is this the newest way to protect your skin from UV rays? Well, not exactly. But it's certainly an upgrade from the usual setting for the face-mask waiting game—like your bathroom (or, okay, your bath). Dobrev decided to multitask in the best way imaginable: lounging by the pool with her crew (dubbed #BlueBBQ).

"A bunch of us just needed some shut-off time," says attendee Nicole Cogan, founder of gluten-free site "Nothing's better than girl time, so we decided to throw a BBQ. Not a huge party or anything, just a chill girl day."

She says they each brought along their specialty (which included guacamole, obvi), magazines, and set up shop at a friend's pool. One of them happened to bring this beauty product along and put it on without realizing its super-bold color.

"We realized there was enough to go around, so it became like a massage train but with everybody painting face masks on each other," says Cogan. "We just had fun goofing around with them and recording it, and thought we should definitely make this a thing." Agreed. Sounds like it's time to start planning your next women's circle—poolside.

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