This Magical Pineapple-Cutting Trick Is Going To Save You So Much Time This Summer

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Whether you’re preparing yourself to make a mountain of summery fruit salad or a super refreshing DIY Dole Whip recipe, we’ve got one pineapple hack that’s about to save you *so* much time and effort. Instead of meticulously dissecting the sharp fruit with the lingering fear of pricking yourself (if you've never accidentally stabbed yourself on a pineapple, I'm happy for you friend), this trick requires absolutely no sharp knives and takes a few seconds to do.

Aside from pineapples tasting like a sweet tropical vacation, they're also loaded with many health benefits and is great for your gut, skin, and immunity, making them one fruit that you’ll want to eat all summer long. However, if cutting it open is a real stop gap for you, this hack will be a lifesaver—especially when you don’t have a knife on hand, like when you're at the beach or on a road trip. (And if you're a-okay with your knife skills, make sure to check out the how to cut a pineapple the right way, which works wonders, too.)

A brilliant pineapple hack to cut the fruit without using a knife

In a recent TikTok video by @ashyizzle, Ashley shows that cutting a pineapple shouldn’t make you break a sweat—or lose a thumb. Instead, she exposes the fruit's gorgeous golden insides and breaks it into bite-sized pieces without using a single tool. Ashley starts by twisting off the stem (or crown), which comes off surprisingly easily. Then, she rolls the pineapple, skin-side down, on a flat surface, applying even and sturdy pressure to loosen the fruit. And just like that, she pulls out the individual pieces by simply tugging on the spines to break free a bite-sized, triangular section of pineapple. You really won’t believe your eyes.

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So, how can you guarantee this pineapple hack is a success?

1. Pick the ripest pineapple you can get your hands on

First things first: You’ll want to start with a *super* ripe pineapple. The softer and riper the fruit, the more easily it will loosen to pluck the pieces from the spines easily.

What's the best way to tell if your pineapple is ripe? Nutritionist Mia Rigden, CNS has answers:

2. Don't skip the rolling step

Next, keep in mind that rolling the pineapple on the counter to start is a non-negotiable part of nailing this hack. This simple step helps loosen the fibers that hold the pineapple together, making pulling them apart a breeze.

3. Enlist a kitchen towel as a barrier

If you’re worried about the sharp skin hurting your palms, feel free to use a clean kitchen towel to create a barrier to roll it out.

4. Give it a whack

Lastly, you might want to hit the base of the pineapple first a few times on the counter to help loosen the fibers even more.

Wait, don’t throw away the crown!

Before you simply chuck the spiky stem into the trash bin, did you know that you can easily grow a whole new pineapple by planting it in some soil? In a TikTok video by @creative_explained, Armen Adamjan explains exactly how to do it. He starts by peeling the bottom four layers of leaves to expose the stem and lets it dry out for two days. Once dry, he submerges the bottom of the stem in a glass of water away from direct sunlight until the roots begin to grow. Once he has roots, he transfers the stem to a pot of soil to grow into a whole new pineapple in a few months. Talk about being resourceful!

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