Now There’s a Juice That’s Good for Your Lady Parts

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Look out Summer's Eve, artsy Miami juice chain Jugofresh recently introduced a "Happy V" blend.

(Photo: Jugofresh)
(Photo: Jugofresh)

You already drink cold-pressed juice for your health. But Jugofresh just took it to a whole other (much lower) level.

The artsy Miami juice chain recently introduced the "Happy V" blend to its menu. And with coconut meat, coconut water, pineapple, coconut oil, and kefir probiotics, it's meant to be good to your lady parts, in addition to your taste buds.

"We all know how asparagus effects the smell of our pee..." Jugofresh founder Matthew Sherman theorizes. "Pineapple has a similar but positive effect on your V. The sweetness and smell of the pineapple gets carried through the vagina." Hmm, we've not read about this in our copy of Whole Foods That Heal.

He also added that the probiotics are great for preventing any vaginal yeast infections.

When we asked Sherman about the inspiration for his concoction, the South Beach juice entrepreneur added, "I am always looking for ways to enhance my relationships." (And marketing reach?)

Still, the "hydrating + beautifying + healthy intestine" juice seems to be getting a positive response from Jugofresh customers sipping the elixir. "From what I hear," says Sherman, "there are plenty of happy Vs running around Miami!" —Jamie McKillop

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