Now You Can Finally Reserve a Treadmill at Barry’s Bootcamp

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You can stop jockeying for position at the studio door now.

Barry's Bootcamp
Now you can claim your coveted spot on the floor at your next Barry's Bootcamp class. (Photo: Facebook/Barry's Bootcamp NYC)

Remember how that person "accidentally" stepped on your new Nikes during the stampede to get into your Barry’s Bootcamp class last week?

Yeah, hopefully that won’t ever happen again. Starting Monday, September 29, Barry’s Bootcamp is introducing treadmill and floor reservations at its New York City studios (finally!).

How it will work: While the offering is in beta, you'll need to arrive to the studio 30 minutes early (which you obviously already do in order to get a prime spot by the studio door), pick a treadmill at the front desk, and wait. The treadmill spots are numbered (1–25 in Chelsea, for example) and your floor spot corresponds with the number on your treadmill.

“We've been wanting to improve the Barry's experience by offering a ‘select your spot’ platform for quite some time…the design has been in the works for a year,” says Barry’s Bootcamp COO and and bad-ass trainer Joey Gonzalez.

“By allowing clients to pick their favorite treadmills and benches, we're simultaneously eradicating any confusion during transitions and ensuring nobody loses their respective place. Additionally, this will put an end to the 'customer pile-up' outside the studio.” (See, we weren't exaggerating.)

Barry's Bootcamp Chelsea
The map of the Chelsea studio. (Photo: Barry's Bootcamp)

Barry’s also plans to debut this system online, at the end of October, when their website re-launches. That's when you'll be able to reserve your spot at any studio locale across the world, too. And it'll look a lot like the interface of booking bike at a cycling studio like Flywheel or SoulCycle.

Now you can spend those 20 minutes before class relaxing at the FuelBar (or shopping for a new tank) instead of jockeying for position at the studio store and shvitzing before your workout even begins. —Molly Gallagher

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