One Thing You Don’t Have to Worry About in 2019: Oat Milk Shortages

Photo: Getty Images/Carlina Teteris
If you've read Well+Good's predictions for the top Wellness Trends for 2019 (and really, what are you doing with your life if you haven't?), you know that oat milk is the star of the alt-milk world right now, thanks to its creamy, dairy-like texture. Basically, it's the buzziest coffee booster this side of CBD.

One unfortunate side effect? The times this year when there just wasn't enough oat milk to go around, and shortages made it temporarily unavailable. As problems go, this isn't up there with some of the issues that gave 2018 its distinct end-times vibe—but when you're messing with someone's morning cup, you're messing with their life.

In 2019, we're entering a new era of oat milk abundance.

In 2019, though, we're entering a new era of oat milk abundance—with products from brands like Oatly, Thrive Market, Pacific Foods, Elmhurst, and Happy Planet on the shelves as we ring in the new year. Plus, a couple of big players have plans to compete for your oat-loving business: Quaker is launching an oat milk in January, and Silk this week announced the launch of Oat Yeah, which will hit stores next month as well, Food Navigator USA reports.

With demand rising fast—oat milk searches on Pinterest were up 186 percent year-over-year in 2018—supply needs to rise even faster. So, products from venerable supermarket brands like Quaker and Silk are coming just in time.

As one of the biggest (and oldest) players in the alt-milk game—Silk launched its soy milk in supermarkets in 1978—Silk's move in particular is yet another indicator that the non-dairy darling will be everywhere in 2019. And it looks like with all of these choices, the chances that you'll suffer the trauma of Oat Milk Separation Anxiety ever again is getting smaller and smaller. Happy New Year indeed.

One catch with oat milk: Some nutritionists have reservations—here's why. And here's how to make your own oat milk at home—on the off chance that there is another supply hiccup. 

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