Ole Henriksen’s New Cream Helps Skin Reach ‘Dewtopia’ Overnight, Hydrating and Brightening Your Face by Morning

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For the past year, I've been shouting "OLE HENRIKSEN'S DEWTOPIA" to anyone who has asked me for a skin care recommendation. The lemony, sorbet-like Dewtopia 20% Acid Night Treatment ($59) has been a cornerstone of my skin-care routine as of late, brightening and toning my skin with its mega-blend of acids overnight to leave me as dewy as glazed donut by morning. It's one of my all-time favorite products, but now, it's going to have to share the glory—Ole Henriksen just released a new night cream that's just as good as the OG treatment, if not better (and just as lemony.)

Meet Dewtopia 5% Acid Firming Night Creme ($60), a gentler, more moisturizing version of the serum that re-texturizes and hydrates skin simultaneously. A powerful blend of shea butter, edelweiss stem cell, and, of course, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) come together in a dessert-like cream to tone, firm, and quench skin while you sleep, so that by the time you wake up, your skin will have reached "dewtopia."

Ole Henriksen, Dewtopia 5% Acid Firming Night Creme — $60.00

Key ingredients: AHAs and glycolic acids, edelweiss stem cell, and shea butter.

Over Zoom, Ole Henriksen himself explains that, after the success of the Dewtopia 20% Acid treatment, he wanted to create the perfect "sleeping partner" to pair it with. While  the treatment is formulated to hit skin with a hefty load of chemical exfoliants, the night cream is a bit more subtle and nourishing. "Whereas the Dewtopia serum is a much more concentrated version, the Night Creme is a great first foray into acids" Henriksen says. "What they share in common is their transformative powers."

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I like to think of Dewtopia 5% Acid Firming Creme as "Dewtopia-lite": There's still some acids in there, so you definitely still get that glow factor, but there's also a hydrating burst of shea butter that deeply rejuvenates skin as its being stripped of dead skin cells and all the other gunk that makes your face dull and flat. Together, the two ingredients really balance each other out to leave you bright-eyed (er, faced?) and bushy-tailed in the morning.

The other change from the beloved serum? The addition of edelweiss stem cell. "We've really taken a nosedive into Scandinavian ingredients over the last nine years in our formulations," he says. "Edelweiss comes from the Alps and is a really powerful antioxidant that grows in cold climates. It's clinically proven to strengthen collagen and boost elasticity."

The one thing that remains constant, though, is its signature citrus scent and yellow-y hue. Henriksen and Riva Barak, the brand's vice president of development, both explain that Dewtopia products are formulated to be a "sensorial experience" that stimulate your sense of smell, touch, and sight. "We don't want our skin care to feel like medicine—we want you to get results, but we don't want you to get those results at the expense of your experience," Barak says.

Everything—from the custardy texture, cream coloring, and lemon sugar scent—is strategically formulated and natural, as its fragrance and pigment actually come from vitamins, not synthetics. "[Dewtopia] kind of gives it this this next level of experience along with great amazing clinical results," Barak says. "Kind of like a little dessert before bed."

Since it does have acid in it, Henriksen recommends doing a patch test before you put it on. Otherwise, it's gentle enough to be used each night, even over the 20% Acid Night Treatment to double down on the glow, or on its own. I personally recommend getting both (it can't hurt, right?), just good luck picking favorites.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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