Olive & June’s New Nail Polish Advent Calendars Give You 25 Days of Festive Manicures

Photo: Getty Images/ Anna Efetova
While the holiday season itself may feel like a lifetime away, as the days get shorter and the air just begins to nip at your ears, it's undeniable that winter is coming. And so are all the festivities that come with it. This year, brands are ready with what feels like a new sale, promotion, or advent calendar every day. The one we've been waiting for? Olive & June's. *Cue the jazz hands*

The luxury LA-based salon and nail-care line launched not one, but two themed advent calendars in late September. These are bound to get your nails as decked as the halls for the whole roster of Christmas and Hanukkah parties that are sure to make up for last year's Zoom Booze & Bingo nights.

If your nails are in need of a little TLC after a summer of outdoor adventuring, Olive & June's 25 Days of Mani Magic Calendar and the smaller Hanukkah option—8 Nights of Mani Magic—are the perfect gifts for any nail or beauty enthusiast in your life (or yourself, of course). The Christmas edition, which contains $111 worth of mini versions of the brand's bestsellers for only $60, is wrapped in a seasonal green and silver box and has slots for the 25 days of December leading up to the big day. This means nearly a month of festive, self-care filled, fun. Additionally, the blue Hanukkah box, which has $91 worth of treats for just $48, has 8 windows for each of the nights of the holiday, but still contains 20 minis!

So, what's in the boxes exactly?

Though chocolate and trinket advent calendars are oh-so-fun in their own right, as a proud member of the Beauty Enthusiasts Club, the idea of opening up a little door and finding a nail-themed gift at the end of the day sounds like more of a motivation to get through the dreary winter fog than a glass of red (or a reason to combine the two into an at home spa day!).

The Christmas box contains nine mini polishes and a mini top coat, strengthener, cuticle serum, clean up brush, buffer, remover, file, hand serum, the brand's signature Poppy handle that makes painting your nails a breeze, and seven sticker packs. The Hanukkah box has the same, except for the nail strengthener, three fewer polishes, and only 6 sticker packs, but is still a steal!

All that said, based on how quickly last year's calendars sold out, these won't be around for long, so grab yours quick.

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