The Best Way to Take Your Collagen, According to Olivia Culpo

Photo: Getty Images/Stefanie Keenan; Artwork: Well+Good Creative
You'd never guess by glimpsing Olivia Culpo's extensive resumé, but the actress and model has a mere 26 years of life under her (no doubt stylish) belt. This year, the Miss Universe winner broke new career ground by starring on E!'s Model Squad, a reality show chronicling the lives of models. And now, she's joined Vital Proteins' Feed Your Beauty campaign to spread her love for all things collagen—especially in creamer form, which she tells me is her fave way to supplement, BTW.

Apart from infusing her coffee with one of the world's most lauded beauty booster's though, Culpo also has quite a few other trade beauty secrets she's picked up from the revolving door of makeup masters that have dappled her cheeks with highlighter, brushed on lipsticks, or layered mascara on her lashes before one shoot or another. However, she does admit that, when it comes to beauty, she always comes back to one of her mother's favorite axioms: Less is more. Below she shares the items she'd stash in a paired down—but still majorly glam—beauty kit.

Scroll down to find out what beauty essentials Olivia Culpo always has in her bag of tricks.



olivia culpo makeup

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm, $5

 "I’m pretty sure everybody loves this—it’s pretty universal! First of all, I really like the way that it smells, which is so funny. But it’s also really hydrating," she tells me. "It's a great drugstore product that everybody needs because it adds insane color to your lips." 

olivia culpo makeup

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation and Foundation Illuminator, $53

"Koh Gen Do is amazing because it’s so moisturizing," says the actress. "I also like to combine their foundation with their Aqua Foundation Illuminator and that’s like my favorite combination ever." 

olivia culpo makeup

La Mer The Mist

According to Culpo, this airy face mist gives setting spray a new name. "I just love what this does for my skin. It’s very hydrating, and it definitely adds a nice dewy effect to any makeup, but it doesn’t make you spotty or anything like that," she tells me.  

Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil

This product comes in 50 shades, but 2012's Miss Universe is partial to one: the pale mauve, which she describes as a "dusty pink." She also adds that coloring her lips in, rather than just smearing on a some lipstick, brings her an almost a childlike glee. "They’re like lip crayons!" she exclaims. 

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