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The One Tweak That Could Change Your Morning


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When every day feels like a manic Monday, the hustle and bustle means making a full, home-cooked breakfast is just as farfetched as you giving up your dry-shampoo habit.

But upgrading your a.m. routine doesn’t have to be an hour-long process. Actually, it can be as simple as adding a glass of 100 percent juice, like Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice.

Made entirely with fresh, Florida oranges (and no added sugar or preservatives, #yaas), it’s an easy way to get a dose of vitamin C and positivity. Because when you take a moment to prioritize yourself, it can start a chain reaction of good vibes for the rest of your day.

Starting with a morning refresh rather than a stress fest? That’s a tweak worth making (even if you’ve got an emergency bottle of dry shampoo in your purse). Check it out now.

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