OPI’s Latest Repair Product Is Basically Olaplex for Your Nails—And Shoppers Say It Works Like Magic

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Just like our hair, our nails are made up of keratin proteins. And when the bonds between those proteins break, we experience weakness and brittleness. When your hair is in this state, you can reach for bond-building products like Olaplex to strengthen strands from the inside out. Now, you can do the same for your nails, thanks to the new Repair Mode serum from OPI.

"The way typical nail strengthening products work is by creating a protective coating over the top of the nail but these aren’t as effective because as soon as the product is removed, so are the strengthening effects," says Xiaoyan Tu, director of research and development at OPI, who led the development of Repair Mode. "Similar to how Olaplex products have revolutionized hair care, the Ultiplex Technology in Repair Mode allows the product to penetrate the nails, interact with nail keratin, and create new bonds."

You know it's time to reach for OPI Repair Mode ($25) when your nails are brittle, weak, and flexible.

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"Healthy nails are strong, smooth, uniform in color and consistency," says Tu. "Nails are damaged by normal wear-and-tear in everyday activities, ranging from typing to gardening to usage of household chemicals. Some early signs of damaged nails are weaker, thinner, or brittle nails. If not addressed, the nail will start to show breaking, splitting, or peeling issues. We would suggest you use repair mode when you notice your nails become too flexible, easier to bend, or when you visually see any sign of surface damage to your nail."

When your nails need some serious TLC, apply Repair Mode twice a day for six days straight. Additionally, "You can use it as a prep booster under your favorite color service," says Tu. Just apply the serum, allow it to soak in for 10 minutes, and remove any excess with rubbing alcohol. OPI claims that when used as instructed, Repair Mode makes your nail four times stronger. And reviewers seem to be seeing the results.

"The tips [of my nails] have gone from translucent to white again, my nails feel stronger, and while some really bad cracks are still there, they haven't gotten worse," writes one reviewer. "I've tried hard as hoofs, castor oil, and even filing down the nail past where the split starts, all of which did help, but not nearly as quickly."

Another reviewer adds, "I think I’m convinced this stuff is magic. After removing my nail polish a few weeks ago my nails were PEELIN’. I applied this a few times a day for a few days and then used it as part of my prep for press on nails about 12 days ago. Took my press on’s off last night, and my nails show no signs of peeling. They really do look visibly better after use."

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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