This 3-Ingredient Upgrade to a Boring Boiled Egg Breakfast Blew Oprah’s Mind

Photo: Getty Images/Ben Gabbe
When Oprah's rushing off to work, there's usually one breakfast item she reaches for: a plain old boiled egg. Her chef must have thought the #bosslady needed to switch things up though, because she recently shared the surprise meal she started her day with—and it seems like it might just become a regular part of her morning routine. And it turns out Oprah's healthy breakfast is a cinch to replicate—no personal chef needed.

In a recent Instagram video, Oprah showed the creation Max Boonthanakit came up with on a whim. She might not have been able to pronounce it at first, but it's safe to say she was definitely impressed by the quick and easy breakfast upgrade. "I'm on my way to work, and I asked Max to make a boiled egg for breakfast. This is a boiled egg with crispy kale on a bed of some quinoa and tomato sauce," she said on Instagram.

Boonthanakit says adding the simple, healthy ingredients to her go-to boiled egg was a play on shakshuka—a one-skillet dish typically seen in the Mediterranean and Middle East that involves cooking poached eggs in a tomato sauce. And that's not the first staple he's upgraded for Oprah, either: He recently whipped up some homemade truffle potato chips for her for lunch, just because. Yeah, this whole private chef thing is sounding better by the second...

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