This Body Oil Smells Like a Summer Storm and It’s Destined to Sell Out in Minutes

Photo: Osmia Organics
Rain in the forecast doesn't exactly elicit a joyous response. Everyone just wants the warm sunshine to emote its blissful rays so that they can enjoy dining al fresco and hitting up the beach, pool, or lake. But once you're in the midst of a big thunderstorm, you remember the upside: the blissful smell.

Soothing and evocative of the season, the scent of summer rain pairs earth and air together, rooting you down into the space you're in, while also lifting you up from whatever is burdening you. And natural beauty brand Osmia Organics has managed to bottle it up in a new body oil (jackpot).

As part of Osmia's limited edition Craft Series, Summer Storm's launching tomorrow at 9 a.m. mountain time on the company's website. You'll need to get your hands on it quickly if interested (only 75 bottles were made). All three of the previous products in the series sold out in under an hour, such as the Sacred Rose body oil (a blend of palo santo and Bulgarian rose otto) which sold out in 18 minutes.

The oil achieves its spot-on scent via a potent, all natural blend of frankincense, basil, and neroli (all of which have aromatherapeutic benefits), on top of a nourishing base of sunflower, camellia, argan, shea, avocado, and pumpkin oils.

"Frankincense is known for its ability to clear stale or negative energy, and it's helpful in reducing inflammation and improving skin texture and tone," says Sarah Villafranco, MD, the brand's founder. Then there's the fresh basil scent, which—energetically—improves your mental clarity and focus, according to her. Then there's comforting neroli, which comes from a bitter orange tree, which is known to reduce anxiety. "It's also toning and brightening for the skin," says Dr. Villafranco.

This is a storm you'll want to see brewing—and then produce a downpour onto your skin.

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