This Best-Smelling Shampoo Is Now a Scented Candle

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Ever find a shampoo that with fragrance so good you wish your whole home could smell like it? You're in luck. Hair- and body-care brand Ouai just launched two new elegant candles inspired by its best-selling scents. Poured into minimalist concrete vessels, the candles feature a coconut and soy wax base with up to 55 hours of burn time. Priced at $44, the Ouai candle is a clever way to savor all the spa-like smells of your favorite shampoo and conditioner, without ever having to step into the shower.

“Candles have always been a top request and so many of our products have been born from what our community asks for,” says Jen Atkin, celebrity stylist and founder of Ouai. “As we’ve expanded beyond just hair care over the past few years, it finally felt like the right time to create them.”

Ouai — North Bondi Candle — $44.00

Notes of bergamot, white musk, magnolia.

Ouai — Melrose Place Candle — $44.00

Notes of: Berry, lychee, and pink peppercorn.

If you’re not familiar with Ouai (pronounced "way"), all of the brand’s products are inspired by Atkin’s favorite places from around the world. For example, the Shibuya body crème, gets its name from the famous street crossing in Tokyo; Dean Street Eau de Parfum contains citrus notes inspired by London.

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  • Jen Atkin, Jen Atkin is a celebrity hair stylist and founder of the haircare brand, OUAI.

As for the two candles, Atkins says it was a “no-brainer” to go with the brand’s two most popular scents: North Bondi and Melrose Place. Poured into a white vessel, North Bondi features a light floral blend, with notes of bergamot, Italian lemon, white musk, and magnolia. North Melrose, named after the street in Los Angeles street, smells a bit more gourmand, featuring a blend of lychee, pink peppercorn, and berry in a pink container.

“[The scents] both work really well in home spaces,” says Atkin. “As for plans to expand into other scents, never say never.”

Aside from the scent, the vessels themselves are a work of art. Between the pastel concrete, modern design, and simple logo printed on the front, they're lovely enough to upcycle long after your last burn. "We wanted the concrete vessels to be clean and chic, with the idea of being able to reuse them as decor in your home," says Atkin.

Some ideas? Recycle your Ouai candle as cute succulent pot or countertop herb planter. Or use it store things like makeup brushes or office supplies—just because there's no more candle to light doesn't mean your vessel has to lose its "eternal flame."

Ouai candles are now available on the company's website, but you can find them at Ulta, and Sephora, too.

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