‘I’m a 68-Year-Old Dermatologist and This Is the Product I Swear By for Keeping My Hair Healthy As I Age’

Photo: Courtesy of Loretta Ciraldo, MD
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Just like your skin gets dryer as you age, so does your hair and scalp. That loss of moisture can contribute to thinning, breakage, and dullness. To keep her hair looking and feeling its best, Loretta Ciraldo, MD, a 68-year-old dermatologist and founder of an eponymous skin-care line, relies on the Ouai Treatment Mask ($38).

"I love the Ouai Treatment Mask," says Dr. Ciraldo. "I leave it in my hair for at least five minutes after I've wrung out all excess water after I shampoo. It has helped me tremendously to keep my hair better hydrated and give it a lasting shine."

Using a product like the Ouai Treatment Mask that strengthens and hydrates your hair is essential for keeping your hair healthy as you age, explains Dr. Ciraldo. "Our hair and scalp generally undergo certain changes as we age, and this necessitates some tweaks in hair care routine," she says. Among these changes are thinning scalp skin, which can make you more sensitive to ingredients like sulfates and hair dye; thinning hair shafts, which can make your hair appear thinner overall; and drier strands, which tend to look less shiny and are more prone to frizz.

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Dr. Ciraldo has naturally frizzy, extremely dry hair and loves what the Ouai Treatment mask does for her strands. The leave-in product comes in two texture-specific formulations—thick and fine-to-medium—and both use hydrolyzed keratin and protein to repair breakage while reducing frizz and flyaways. The fine-to-medium hair formula (which is the one that Dr. Ciraldo swears by) uses shea butter to hydrate, soften, and condition dry, over-processed hair, and includes vitamin B5 to make your strands look smooth and shiny. The thick hair formula delivers the same results to coarser textures with a combination shea butter, illipe, and a blend of almond, olive, and macadamia oils.

Regardless of your routine, if you notice an uptick in hair loss as you get older, Dr. Ciraldo says to visit your doctor.

"Do not take it for granted that hair thinning or increased hair loss is solely due to aging," she says. "If you are losing more than 120 hairs in a day, please see the dermatologist or your primary care physician to determine the cause of the hair loss. It may be related to thyroid issues, anemia, or drugs you are taking."

So as you look to examine your skin-care routine and lifestyle habits to ensure you're doing what you can to stay healthy and happy, don't forget to assess your hair health needs. If you could use some serious moisture, add the Ouai Treatment Mask to your routine ASAP.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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