You Can Now Burn the Patriarchy, Thanks to Oui the People’s Latest Launch

As the old saying goes: "Giving is better than receiving." We all know how good it feels to gift someone something you know they'll love, and this year, why not use it as an opportunity to support a small, Black-owned business and smash the patriarchy at the same time? With Oui The People's new Patriarchy Candle ($38) you can do all of the above at once.

This launch is Oui the People's first foray into home scents, and the result is sure to delight every single person in your life. Thanks to top notes of cinnamon and clove leaf—plus gentle dry downs of fir, Gurjun balsam, Canadian fir needle, and pine—and the candle gives off elevated, holiday-scented vibes that won't make your house smell like a pine-scented air freshener. But actually, the brand's description of the product is so perfect, I'll let it speak for itself. "Indulge in warm, inviting accords of self-governance, privilege, and the end of male domination," it reads. "Top notes of clove and orange awaken the senses to life without body shaming. Sink into the end of your day, toss your bra onto the 'maybe it's laundry, maybe it's not' pile, and relax and amber and balsam fill the air."

Oui the People—which launched in 2015 with a line of high-end, sustainable shaving products—made major waves this year, and in June was one of the top Googled brands in the United States (its growth reached a whopping 1150 percent during that same month). And while giving someone a razor for the holidays might feel like a weird flex, a candle is the perfect way to help them make Oui The People's luxe products a part of their permanent collection. You can shop the candle on its own, or along with a pair of "F*CK FLAWLESS" socks part of the brand's Current Mood Set ($48).

Shop now: Oui the People Patriarchy Candle, $38

Oui the People Patriarchy candle
Photo: Oui the People

Shop now: Oui the People Patriarchy Candle, $38

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