OUI the People Took Inspo From Latin America’s Abortion Rights Movement for Its Newest Drop—And All Proceeds Go To Help Reproductive Rights

Photo: Oui the People; Graphics: Well+Good Creative
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Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, an estimated 21 million people have lost access to abortion services in their home states (and more could lose access in the future). Like so many, the folks at body care brand Oui the People have clearly felt the Supreme Court's decision deeply. In response, the company launched The Green Bandana Project to support the Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (WWHA), a nonprofit that's combatting abortion stigma and providing reproductive and abortion care.

The concept is pretty straightforward: When you buy the limited-edition green bandana ($35), 100 percent of your money will go straight to the WWHA. "We took inspiration from the Latin American abortion-rights movement, the green wave (or green tide), and the symbolic green bandanas worn by activists and allies," writes Oui the People. "Green symbolized nature, growth, and reclaiming the term 'pro-life.'"

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The Oui the People team partnered with Brazilian artist and illustrator Niege Borges to create a "wearable piece of art representing a collective of people coming together." The circular text across the bandana reads, "All bodies one voice, one voice all body." The bandana is crafted with planet-friendly silkscreen and 100-percent, made-in-the-USA cotton.

In an Instagram post pre-launch, the team at Oui wrote that they knew the launch would potentially come at the cost of losing customers, adding: "Here's the thing...the body is political. The body is a landscape for public opinion. The body is, and will always be, governed. And as a body care brand, the very act of self care, love, and acceptance is, in and of itself, a radical act."


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Since the green bandana is limited edition, make sure to snap yours up ASAP. Also, Oui the People launches these drops every once in a while in support of specific causes, so make sure to stay tuned for whatever collabs they put together in the future.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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