Google Searches for This Beauty Brand Are Up 1150%—Here’s Why You Should Know It

When Karen Young launched Oui the People in 2015, the vast majority of other grooming brands were marketing towards customers' pursuits of being "flawless." With her personal care brand, which started with a single-blade razor, Young sought to change the conversation that women had about their bodies. Since then, her line has expanded, and Oui the People has proven that a grooming brand can exist on modern terms—with a foundation of inclusivity, rather than a quest for perfection.

The proof is in the numbers: According to recent research conducted by Spate on Google Search data, Oui the People is one of the top 10 most-searched beauty brands in the United States. Its growth reached a whopping 1150 percent over the past month, which makes sense when you learn that the brand's razors have garnered waitlists of thousands of people (Young told me that the Single Matte Black had a two-year waiting list).

"I think we're here because we set out to speak to our customers around a simple concept: It's time to champion women through the channels of beauty rather than disparage them," says Young. "We're growing because we found the courage to be ourselves with our rebrand, and I know that message deeply resonates with our community."

At a time when big bush energy reigns supreme, Young's motto of "f**k that to perfection" is just what the beauty world needs more of. Oui the People has a banned words list that includes anti-aging, perfecting, and flawless, and instead it spreads the message of body confidence via its thoughtful self-care essentials. Keep scrolling for the must-haves from the line that you should know about.

The Single Matte Gold Sensitive Skin Razor, $75

Photo: Oui the People

The brand's signature single-blade razor is made out of 100-percent stainless steel from Germany, and it works for an incredibly smooth, sensitive skin-friendly shave. As opposed to multi-blade razors, which tend to cause more irritation, single blades are safe and efficient by design.

Featherweight Hydrating Body Gloss, $65

Photo: Oui the People

The nourishing body oil is actually light as a feather—it absorbs instantly, and the blend of squalene, rosehip, and avocado oil swirl together to deliver moisture into your skin without a greasy finish.

Sugarcoat Shave-to-Gel Milk, $64

Photo: Oui the People

This hybrid shaving gel, which morphs into a creamy, milky texture when it's massaged into wet skin, makes for a smooth shave. A mix of argan, grapeseed, marula, and sunflower oils leave your skin soft and hydrated post-shave, and it smells like a dreamy blend of jasmine and neroli.

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