Outdoor Voices Just Dropped a New Hike Collection, and It’s Perfect For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Photo: Outdoor Voices/Drew Escriva
In the world of fitness gear, there are a handful of tried-and-true products people cannot get enough of. You know, the ones that are always sold out no matter how often you check the brand's site or how many alarms you set to try and snag a pair for yourself. Well, if you feel that way about the Outdoor Voices Hike Collection, specifically the Zip-Off Pant and the Rectrek Short, you're in luck because they are finally back in stock with an updated design. The coveted Outdoor Voices Hike Collection features these bestsellers in earth tones that will have you inspired to plan your next outdoor adventure ASAP.

Outdoor Voices Zip-Off Pant, $118

Outdoor Voices Hike Collection
Photo: Drew Escriva

If you're someone who likes options, we recommend going with the Zip-Off Pant. You can wear them at full length, as capris, or as shorts. These pants are a great choice if your next hike involves different elevations as that can impact the weather and your body temperature. If you get too hot or too cold, add or remove a section of the pants. The design has also been improved and features a waistband that has a snap closure, a zipper fly, and a removable webbing belt. Another reason to love them? The snack pockets!

Shop now: Outdoor Voices Zip-Off Pant, $118

Rectrek 3" Short, $78

Outdoor Voices Hike Collection
Photo: Drew Escriva

If shorts are more your style, the Rectrek 3" Short is a must. These shorts are made from a water-resistant material, are high rise, and have a stashable pocket for your essential items. Similar to the Zip-Off Pant, the shorts feature a snap closure waistband, zipper fly, and removable webbing belt.

Shop now: Rectrek 3" Short, $78

Whether your next hike is exploring your neighborhood or you're planning an adventure through a national park, the new Outdoor Voices Hike Collection will keep you feeling good while looking good.

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