5 Paleo Lunch Recipes You Can Make in 5 Minutes or Less

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A few Instagram influencers aside, nobody meal preps perfectly every single week. Life happens and sometimes all those time- and budget-conscious habits fall apart. Before you know it, you'll find yourself shelling out $15 for lunch on a regular basis. (When did chopped salads get so pricey anyway?!)

If you follow a specific eating plan, such as keto, Whole30, or Paleo, figuring out where to go for lunch can be tricky and require Google searching what healthy grab-and-go places are nearby that offer meals you can actually eat and feel good about. And who has time for that? The lack of time is what got you into this situation in the first place.

Even if you're short on time, chances are, you can find five measly minutes in your day to prep a lunch. Even during those weeks when Sunday meal prep is a pie-in-the-sky dream, there are easy meals you can make very, very quickly. Each of these recipes is Paleo-approved and requires just five minutes of your time. See ya later, sad desk lunch!

5 Paleo lunch recipes that take just 5 minutes to make

paleo chicken curry
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1. Curry chicken salad wraps

Contrary to what you might think, wraps can be Paleo-friendly. The key is buying ones made withe coconut or almond flour. Pair leftover chicken with a turmeric-mayo combo, add avocado and kale, and your meal is completely done. Don't have leftover chicken in the fridge? Other protein sources such as fish, eggs, or nuts works, too—cashews taste especially yummy as a substitute ingredient.

paleo egg drop soup
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2. Egg drop soup

If you're more in the mood for soup than a sandwich or wrap, this egg drop soup recipe will hit just the spot. The secret to whipping it up in five minutes flat is using the pressure cooker. Adding cilantro, hot chili peppers, and scallions are all optional but really work to punch up the flavor.

paleo protein smoothie
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3. Protein smoothie

A smoothie can be a nutritious and satiating lunch if it has enough protein. Follow the winning formula in this recipe—almond butter, FTW—and you'll have refreshing tastes-like-dessert smoothie that will keep you full until dinnertime. And if sipping something doesn't feel like a meal to you, don't blend it as long and pour the mixture into a bowl to eat soup-style with a spoon.

paleo cheesy zucchini
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4. Cheesy zucchini bowl

There's nothing like a bowl of something warm and cheesy to turn a stressful day around; you need comfort food, you've got it. Spend 60 seconds spiralizing a zucchini, two minutes microwaving the "cheesy" dairy-free sauce, toss it all together, add any last minute veggies, seasoning, or protein, and you've got yourself a healthy lunch—one that's damn satisfying, I should add.

sardine salad
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5. Sardines salad wraps

Like the scrawny underdog at the lunch table, sardines are often overlooked with salmon and tuna being more popular seafood choices but the little fish are packed with omega-3s. They also come canned and ready to eat, which is a major timesaver. Use seaweed or coconut wraps to keep this brain-boosting lunch Paleo-approved.

Here are some more healthy, quick lunch recipes. Want some dessert? Check out this Paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe.

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