Eat Like a Caveman at These 5 Paleo-Friendly Restaurants in NYC

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The Paleo diet has a lot of pros in its favor. It's high in protein and healthy fats (always a good thing), it can help fight off inflammation, and many doctors love it.

However, its very particular rules can make ordering Seamless or meeting up with friends for happy hour a bit complicated; the eating plan prohibits all grains, legumes, dairy, and processed foods for the sake of truly eating "like a caveman." Meaning that the strictest of Paleo followers will have to ask even about what cooking oil the restaurant uses to make sure their entire meal is compliant.

Living Paleo, of course, isn't impossible. Heather Mangieri, RDN and author of the book Fueling Young Athletes, emphasizes that the Paleo diet’s “message is not that different from what other nutrition experts have been shouting for years—less sugar, more fruits and vegetables, less processed foods.” As with any eating plan that proposes wholesale eliminations, she says it's cruicial to ensure you get your nutrients from other sources. “The diet forbids all dairy foods, which can make it hard to meet the recommendations for calcium and vitamin D,” Mangieri says as an example. (Some people make exceptions for grass-fed butter or ghee.) That's why she suggests folks on Paleo consider supplementing their calcium and vitamin D to ensure they meet their daily nutritional requirements.

Want to bone up on your Paleo diet know-how? Here's the lowdown from an expert:

The eating plan inherently requires a bit more homemade cooking, since super processed foods (and thus most convenience options) are off the table. But if you're looking for a night off, or a new healthy place to try with your friends, you can't miss these delicious Paleo (and Paleo-friendly) restaurants in NYC so you can get your caveman on, stress-free.

The best Paleo restaurants in NYC:

1. Hu Kitchen

If you want hearty, healthy Paleo food, head on over to Union Square and look for the “Food for Humans” awning—that’s Hu Kitchen. From their famous, grain-free pizza and Organic Kombucha on tap, down to their coconut and EVOO cooking oil, this eatery is almost entirely paleo (including their chocolate bars, which make the perfect dessert).

78th 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10011, 212-510-8919,

2. Springbone Kitchen

New Yorkers: winter is coming. Luckily, Springbone Kitchen, which has two locations in Fidi and Greenwich Village, knows a thing or two about staying warm and cozy with a cup of bone broth. Try one of their delicious, made-to-order options like the “Liquid Gold” or “Chicken Zoodle Soup,” or build your own soup bowl.

90 West 3rd Street, New York, NY 10012, 646-368-9192,

3. Hearth

When it comes to Paleo restaurants in NYC, Hearth in the East Village is well-worth the price tag. The Tuscan-American restaurant curates a menu where "good fats are celebrated, whole animals appreciated, and vegetables crowned supreme." Many menu options are Paleo (or can easily be tweaked), such as the grass-fed NY strip steak with greens or the roasted blackfish. Plus, if you want more Paleo to go, you can take home a cup of their famous bone broth, Brodo (which is now also available at for pickup and delivery across the city).

403 East 12th Street, 1st Ave., New York, NY 10009, 646-602-1300,

4. Foragers Table

This farm-to-table restaurant in Chelsea offers plenty of Paleo options—all ethically and sustainably sourced from their 28-acre Hudson Valley farm. (Current menu highlights include the cauliflower steak and the maple chili Brussels sprouts.) And if you want to buy more Paleo ingredients to cook at home, the eatery is attached to Foragers Market, where you can browse local, organic groceries and stop by their in-house butcher for a fresh chop.

233 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10011, 212-243-8888,

5. The Little Beet Table

The Little Beet Table is the sister restaurant to The Little Beetthe healthy, quick-service eatery with locations scattered throughout the city. Using the same organic, locally-sourced philosophy as its counterpart, Little Beet Table offers a relaxed dining experience that's packed with Paleo options. Our favorites include the NY Strip Steak, which is served with asparagus and a delicious herb gremolata, and the Crispy Salmon.

333 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010, 212-466-3330,

Thinking about making the switch to the Stone Age diet? Learn more about it, here. And if you’re looking for Paleo plates to whip up at home, here are 5 lunches you can make in 5 minutes or less.

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