7 Pancake Recipes Healthy Enough for Every Day of the Week

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If there's one breakfast food everyone can agree ranks superior, it's pancakes. But not all pancake recipes are created equal. Take a bite into the right kind of fluffy goodness and the world melts away. (Anybody else like to start off brunch with pancakes for the table?) That said, if you don't devour at least one stack a week, you're basically committing a crime.

A tower of steaming pancakes doesn't exactly have the reputation as the healthiest breakfast option, but with some easy ingredient swaps and a few fun additions, you can enjoy the comfort food and get a full serving of health benefits.

In anticipation of National Pancake Day, we've got seven delicious pancake recipes—one for each day of the week. Whether you're into bright green matcha pancakes packed with antioxidants, adaptogenic pancaked filled with lion's mane mushrooms, or something sweet with cocoa and dark chocolate, these pancake recipes are sure to be a hit every day, all year round.

These pancake recipes are so healthy you can eat pancakes every day of the week.

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1. Sunday: Lion's mane pancakes

These adaptogenic pancakes are packed with lion's mane mushrooms, which might help lift mental fog.

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2. Monday: Matcha pancakes

When you need a burst of caffeine on Monday morning, why not combine two of your favorite things into one stack of pancakes? They're loaded with matcha and topped with dark chocolate chips for plenty of antioxidants.

buckwheat pancake recipe
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3. Tuesday: Buckwheat pancakes

Using buckwheat instead of your traditional white flour not only ups the protein and iron, but is also great for your digestion.

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4. Wednesday: Apple and sweet potato protein pancakes

The week is more than halfway through. Pancakes with a side of protein, coming right up. These are filled with apples, sweet potatoes, and egg whites.

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5. Thursday: Turmeric spice pancakes

Whip up these pancakes in just 20 minutes to reap the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric.

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6. Friday: Grapefruit and toasted coconut pancakes

Feeling frisky? These gluten-free pancakes are utterly delicious thanks to the tart grapefruit in this recipe.

Photo: The Minimalist Baker

7. Saturday: Chocolate pancakes

Treat yourself. These pancakes are extra rich with the help of vegan dark chocolate chips and cocoa powder.


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