The Most Comfortable Underwear on the Internet Is on Sale for $7 a Pair

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It's that time of year again. With retailers slashing prices on their offerings, there's no better opportunity than right now to stock up on all the undies you need in order to get through the next 365 days (until sale season rolls back around, of course). And to help guide you through the overwhelming number of Black Friday deals that are live right now, we have a secret to share: The Parade underwear sale includes an option that your dresser drawer can't live without. The Re:Play High Rise Brief (one of the most comfortable pairs on the internet) is currently 30 percent off when you use the code "BF30," which brings the price to a cool $7 each, down from $10.

So, what makes this underwear so special? Parade, developed by a team of ex-Lululemon product experts, is known for its 360-degree-stretch and buttery-soft fabric that is Oeko-Tex certified—which means the fabric grown in accordance with guidelines restricting the use of petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides, and synthetic products—and is free from harmful chemicals. It's also made from recycled yarn that is so breathable and lightweight, it'll make you feel like you're wearing nothing at all. And, perhaps the best part of all, it stretches two times its size. There's even a waistband that lightly hugs your waist, promising to never dig into your sides.

Like all of Parade's undies, the Re:Play High Rise Rise Brief comes in sizes XS to 3XL and was tested on real people to ensure the style is comfortable for all. And if you don't happen to get the right size or style for your taste or fit, no worries. Parade offers a try-on guarantee that allows you to text or email within 30 days of your purchase to exchange for a new size or a refund. (I'd like to see other underwear companies pull that off.)

Convinced? Here are five colors of the Re:Play High Rise Brief you can get during the Parade Underwear Sale and basically live in once they arrive.

The Parade underwear sale is begging you to grab comfy briefs for less—these are our faves:

1. Re:Play High Rise Brief in Eightball, $7

comfy underwear

Classic black underwear is a must in every collection.

Shop now: Re:Play High Rise Brief in Eightball, $7

2. Re:Play High Rise Brief in Butterfly, $7

This calming blue color is perfect for bedtime. (And, yes, these undies are amazing for sleep.)

Shop now: Re:Play High Rise Brief in Butterfly, $7

3. Re:Play High Rise Brief in Sparkler, $7

comfy underwear

How can you not smile after putting on a pair of neon orange underwear?

Shop now: Re:Play High Rise Brief in Sparkler, $7

4. Re:Play High Rise Brief in Limoncello, $7

You need at least one pair of sunshine-yellow underwear in your drawer. It's a surefire way to cheer yourself up on otherwise gloomy days.

Shop now: Re:Play High Rise Brief in Limoncello, $7

5. Re:Play High Rise Brief in Vapor, $7

comfy underwear

This sky-blue color couldn't be any prettier.

Shop now: Re:Play High Rise Brief in Vapor, $7

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